Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create?

Yo honestly I get inspired from just about everything and everyone and circumstance. It’s true, the most recent song I dropped, “Not Feelin’ a Thing,” I wrote after a drive back home from a long night; the events that occurred that night and what had transpired that week literally inspired me to write that song. I had a compelling feeling, a creative spark of imagination that got really fired up. I get like that at times, or even like during the middle of the day/ during the course of a night if something happens that affects me somehow or makes me think, I’ll get inspired to brainstorm something. But my family, my friends, and the hard times that happened to me in the past like being homeless and just having been through tougher times – all that really inspires and motivates me to keep on keeping on and to continue to get better in my craft and to be a better overall person.

Who are your top 5 influences?

That’s a tough one. If we’re talking hip-hop/ rap artists, I would have to go with Eminem, Tupac, Logic, E-40, and Kendrick Lamar/ J. Cole. But truthfully there’s way more artists in the whole genre who have really influenced me; other notables would be Too $hort, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Migos, Lil Pump, Boosie Badazz, Joyner Lucas, Nappy Roots, Jurassic 5, T.I., Aesop Rock and Atmosphere [on the real though, there are so many hip-hop/ rap artists that have really influenced me that go way beyond 5 (independent/ major)]. And then there’s other music that has influenced me too – music from other genres like jazz, rock, country, r&b, soul, and Metal. I may listen to mainly hip-hop/ rap a ton but I also listen to other genres of music, too. I keep an open mind on all that, unlike some folks I know; I think if you just stay in one lane and don’t even give an ear to anything else other than what you’re used to, I think you put yourself in danger of being closed-minded, which can lead to ignorance and add to more stupidity in this world. I’m just saying.

What are your new projects coming out?

I’m dropping new music soon! Most likely this month and/ next month, too. I always give an updated/ a heads-up to folks whether in person/ online via social media etc. Keep a lookout & stay tuned!

SoundCloud: (link: https://soundcloud.com/shepthemusicalg) soundcloud.com/shepthemusicalg

Instagram: (link: http://instagram.com/shepthemusicalg) instagram.com/shepthemusicalg

Twitter: (link: https://twitter.com/ShepTheMusicalG) twitter.com/ShepTheMusicalG


What helped you get into music?

I have a mentor and a close friend named Scott who literally showed me what’s up a few years back or so, and I have maintained contact with him; he has helped me through some really tough times in the past, him and a few others are the only ones who really know what I’ve been through… I used to spit on street corners, and I came to be in touch with Scott through a relative of his who literally heard me rap a little something in his store. He thought it was real dope and suggested I get in contact with his relative (Scott). And, I did. That’s how I came to meet Scott. I have always been into music, since I was literally in some diapers or somethin ya know. Yo I always wanted to see myself involved with music, especially with hip-hop/ rap, so I would always check out peeps I knew at functions when they would freestyle/ rap/ cypher, and I just thought it was the coolest thing, you know, and I got really swept away with it. I have wanted to be a singer/ rapper since like forever (probably since I was in the womb tbh). I love doing what I do. Music is life and life is music, know what I’m sayin’? Real talk.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Yo it’s cliche but never judge a book by its cover; you never know what a person has been through if you ain’t never been in his or her shoes and walked in ’em, you know what I mean? You got to have an open mind to things, but don’t be gullible no gullible sucker fool. And yo of course check my music out! Hehe. I appreciate any and all support. I also appreciate any haters; they make me stronger and better/ really look at things from a different perspective which I have come to really have an appreciation for, believe it or not. But yeah, I love everyone who has given me an ear, and especially those who like/ love my music!

What are your biggest goals for 2019?

I want to continue to network and grow in my outreach/ connections when it comes to the music world. And I want to be a better person overall. Eventually I would also like to get my music on Spotify/ Itunes etc., working on that – I am probably going to get on an online distribution thing like DistroKid (strongly considering it); it would be nice if this happens this year, but if not I will continue to make strides to get this to happen.

I continue to strive to be the best person I can be, no matter what. I am honing in on my sound, and I am working on my craft developing my own unique sound/ style/ cadence – I’m always gon be me though, you know, I want to be a unique talent that others will be like whoa this dude can really nail it (it’s great stuff)!

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