Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you when you create? I work off pure emotion. Whatever I’m going through at the time comes out in my music. The events that transpired I know if I went through them somebody else did so I can help them get through it and as I write I get through it. So we get through it together.

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences are of course me, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Partynextdoor, and a artist that goes by the name of E-K.

New Projects? I’m mostly dropping singles right now to keep the buzz growing and going, but I have a EP coming out soon called “PrivateParyMonee” and a album that should be coming out by top of next year called “All Is Well” which everything is produced by me.

What got you into music?  The culture that I grew up around. My parents playing music nonstop always keeping me up on the latest and the memories I shared with certain songs. I want to create that same feeling.

Anything to tell your fans?  One thing I want to tell my fans is be yourself. Don’t be scared to express yourself. If you’re battling with anything please talking to someone, please get some help. Don’t let everything be bottled up anymore let it out, it will help you. I promise.

Biggest Goals for 2019?  My biggest goals for the rest of 2019 is keep the buzz growing, dropping more songs get active with the people who care. Work on my label Our MOMENT (Our Music Open Minds Expressing New Things) and find people who share the same creative outlooks on life as I do. Also just to find a little happiness and keep working on my mental health.

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