DJ Tanik

Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you when you create? hmmm well I am a very deep , and emotional person so I would have to say my emotions inspire me depending on what I feel at the moment but most importantly where I see and who I see getting on this beat and how are the fans going to react to it.

Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences is number one Me because Iam just inspired by my own emotions number two 2pac I just remember his influence, words, cadence when i was really young what he stood for. Number three John Beaver a local EDM DJ in San Jose CA he’s the one that told me I can make money from music. Number four Yelloclaw I was a fan of EDM music at one time just the sound of it I couldn’t get over the sounds yellow claw would use and EDM in general it all just stuck with me. Number five RL Grime!! Foshure was the dude that really was turning point for me getting into producing and having a love for hiphop. I loved how he was able to combine hiphop and some edm sounds and put them together.

New Projects? As of now Im working on new songs with my bro Malcolm Henderson a newer very talented artist from the east coast but resides in LA but the world will soon know him he personally had Kendrick Lamar say to him “ Your going to be bigger than me. “ So Im pretty excited to show the world what me and him have. But I also working on music with ty dolla sign , tyga , bone thugs n harmony and much more.

What helped you get into music?  well I’ve always had a love for music. I use to play the drums and play in a school band as a drummer. But my close friend DJ John beaver just constantly pushed at me about getting into music and djing and as corny as this sounds I had a dream that was so vivid tt fucking woke me up out of bed and I was like “ woah ”, I said to my self .. “ Music is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life “

Anything to tell your fans? You don’t have to let other people’s opinions of you become your reality.

Goals for 2019? lol Placements with many Artist , TV shows, Commercials , Movies , honestly there’s a lot and Im confident at what I do so there’s really nothing that’s off limits for me or outa reach.

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