Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you to create? Unfortunate events from my formative years and fatherhood at a young age has inspired me since day one to do somethin positive with my life and music has been my outlet since day one.

Top 5 Influences? I have had many influences over the years but I would say My uncle Tony is my number 1 but old school producers like Timbaland, DJ Uneek, and as of today Ned Cameron and Zaytoven

New Projects? We have 3 new singles comin out next month in July!

What helped you get into music? My uncle was a musician and he had a little studio in the basement of his house and he started teachin me how to play piano and drums when I was around 5 years old so I would say he was what helped me get into music.

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans that the faith and energy you put into this world is what you will manifest into existence.

Goals for 2019? My goals for 2019 is to change music, bring somethin to hiphop that has never been heard before, also to inspire and spread positivity through music.

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