Badside Records

Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you when you create? My fanbase and making it to a major label that I can do me at inspires me the most.

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences right now are Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, J. Cole and Diddy. Those 5 individuals are my favorites in the game.

New Projects? I recently dropped a song on SoundCloud! Preston Badside ft. King B & YG Lonely – Next Level. This project is one of my favorites because of the next level theme.

What got you into music? Well, it was a decision that took lots of time to make my mind up about but it turned out to be a good one. I started writing poetry when I was in 4th grade and continued on with it till 21. My poetry was even getting published in books! When I hit 21 my mom said I should rap and almost 10 years later, here we are now.

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans live life responsibly.

Biggest Goals of 2019? My biggest goals of 2019 is to rap in front of a major label executive, be a good person and just, be closer to God.

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