Qiáo bù


Exclusive Interview 


 What inspires you the most when you create? Thing that inspires me the most when creating music is listening to other artists and understanding each sound whether it’s synth, bells, or percussion and appreciating the work they put into it and learning also depends how I’m feeling actually just recently I’m feeling a little heartbroken so I might create something new with my our vocals.


Who are your top 5 influences? 1. CRÈME (Trixie Reiss) she’s one my best friend’s the first time. We met was on Twitter I believe she messaged me after I followed her and she sent me a message to hear her new song called “DEEDS” and at first I was kool dude thanks and I literally thought she was a guy not a woman haha cause she didn’t have any pictures. When I first heard Her music i was wow its so different unique she has such amazing voice that can take you on a journey and help you with whatever your going through. I’m so lucky to be living “ABOVE GROUND” with her in this lifetime. She’s helped me so much with my music giving me advice and her input and I love it. She was even featured on one of my songs called “Insomnia” from my SLEEPLESS LOVE EP it was such an honor to have her on it she’s a legend in the music industry I’m forever grateful. 2. ELOHIM is another big influence to me she’s such unique human and one of my bestfriends her music is so amazing when i first heard it I never heard anything like it before her music made me change the way i made music or style of music should I say and that’s part of how my first EP started. She literally helped me come out of a depression that’s what she does she helps people who have anxiety and mental health problems she just recently talked about it and speaking her story of going through it most of her life. I’ve been lucky to have met her a few times and seen her six times last year and got tattoos related to her to show my love and support for her. It would be a dreams to work with her one day! 3. SLUSHII I started listening to slushii back in 2015 when Marshmello collab with him “Want u too” I met him in 2016 when he came to El Paso tx thats where I’m from and he basically told me never to give up because he almost did and that kept me pushing me to keep going and learn more about music. 4. Gianni blu is also one person who is an influence to me with his unique house music its amazing and I’ve learned so many things and ideas from his music. 5. Alison Wonderland is such a unique human her music and lyrics are so amazing and relatable to every day life meeting her was also an experience.


When are your new projects coming out? New projects are coming I’m waiting to release this animation music video for my latest song “WHISPERS ” I want to finish promoting this song with a video because it’s one of my best works it also got record of the week on a UK Radio station called Switch Dunmow after eight show but I plans to release more music at least once or 2 twice a month.


What helped you get into music? I’ve been into music since I was in high school I was in a metal band Haha but that didnt work to well but after HS I started listening to more electronic music like Skrillex and other artist I was into music but underground trance and underground hip hop.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Thank you so much for listening and supporting me!


What are your biggest goals for 2019? To keep pushing out new music and keep learning more about music and promotion. Working with new artist my dream is to work with Elohim. I want to put out an Album this year for sure u think it will be possible I finally got a midi controller and Im getting new computer.

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