Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create?  During a lot of my life I have had to deal with intense periods of depression and for a long time I found it incredibly debilitating. But with practice I was able to focus that very negative energy and pour it into my music, with more practice still I could store it up and use it when I needed it. Rather than having moments where I would need to get it out otherwise I couldn’t function, I managed to turn my biggest flaw into my biggest strength. 


Who are your top 5 influences? Tough one, I listen to so so many artists that have all had their bearing on my work. However these 5 are probably the ones that have had the biggest impact.1.Nine Inch Nails 2.Tim Exile 3.Skinny Puppy 4.David Bowie 5.65DaysOfStatic

When are your new projects coming out? I am currently in the process of writing a new LP (Shriek), as of yet I do not have a fixed release date for it, however I would predict it should be completed by the tail end of July, so keep your eyes peeled for confirmation!


What helped you get into music?  I do wish this was a better story, as I have been asked this several times before. When I was 16 I took music for A level, discovering after my first year that I just happened to find writing music significantly easier than the rest of the class and I always received high praise for anything I wrote. So at the time I enjoyed it because I was good at something that I didn’t really have to try at, i.e the “Easy A”.

However as time progressed I found it something I could get completely lost in, exploring new crazy sounds or music genres for hours on end and that almost endless bounty of new things to learn and explore fit my personality like a glove.


What is one thing you would tell your fans?  Never be scared or ashamed by your “darker side” aka feelings of depression/anxiety/envy etc, there is no greater artistic muse than the recesses of your own mind.


What are your biggest goals for 2019? Well first and foremost finishing the new LP, it is my first release since 2013 so it’s a big deal to me getting myself back on the scene with a new sound. Apart from that I would love to get some gigs on the books! Oh and just a personal goal of getting a twitter response from Trent Reznor! Haha one can dream!

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