Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? I honestly think my mind is what inspires me, my mind and what goes on around me, I see struggling families it reminds me of my struggle so I speak on it, I see a drug transaction, I tell story of the transaction or of transactions I’ve made myself, my mind’s creates a puzzle to piece together and my passion for music inspires everything I do as well as my loved ones. 


Who are your top 5 influences? My top 5 is big Krit he lays alot of knowledge and poetic struggles of the south apon us we just overlook it and him he himself as a artist can teach you so many things if you listen hard enough,J Cole is also an influence he reminds me of the heart if have for the poor and drug addicts as well as rape victims black sheep’s of the family and street life as well, ZRO the crooked is a big influence to me most people say he’s depressin but where he’s come from and what he’s comes from is what he speaks about and he’s also reminds me of me loves himself, talks alot about himself but he has a message he always praises God in every album, he’s gospel, for the ladies, and he gots music for the guys to relate to, Tupac he’s really my all time influence, his message for the world was rare he changed the poetic side of music he was good at expressing feelings most people will keep their mouth closed but he didn’t he was a revolutionist and supported all color but he held it down for our color as well great actor crazy personality someone I relate to in many ways, my family influences me as well as far as my wife to mother children, siblings father my spouses family they speak highly of me and influence me everyday to be different and better then what I was the day before their the reason behind my music!


When are your new projects coming out? SSR (Secret Silent Recipes) it’s a 3 series EP that I will drop in a pattern, secret is my wild side more hype side, silent is my poetry side things I kept to myself that I’m letting out now, Recipes is a collaboration with artists of my local scene, Lubbock, Amarillo, Tulia, Plainview, California, Louisiana, people that I listen to and feel I can do music with, its looking to be a good year if my budget does my right I should see good funding, and a rise in attendance, and attention this year! 


What helped you get into music? My English class inspired me, back when I was younger they gave you stuff for reading, and I loved reading my memory was sharp so AR tests were a piece of cake i once skipped through a Harry Potter story and remembered certain parts and passed the test! Poetry, and stories inspired me my teachers told me my creativity was out of this world, I once seen my brother at 13 writing rhymes, and finding his style so I turned my poetry and love for reading into beats, my stories and my rhymes and bar play is different so it seems unappealing at first but like I said it’s a puzzle for you to figure out and if you find a liking of puzzles you will listen to my music and solve it. But inspirations from my peers and guardians teachers etc inspired me. 


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Freaking thanks!! They are the best and I love them from the bottom of my heart for listening to me understanding me, accepting me as I am! And being a fan and apart of my family cause anybody that listens to my message is now my family! I do it for God to so for people to understand I’m not a woman getter, I’m not a flashy stunter, I’m not a big car driving big house having I’m just a man fighting for change I’m sure others are too so I speak for them for those who remain silent, I’ll speak for them I’ll be your hero, if it wasn’t for them idk where I’d be!


What are your biggest goals for 2019? Drop good music, save more money, drop dope visuals, prepare for my baby that’s almost here, continue prospering, and believing in my dreams and steps I plan to be heard besides the 2 state showcase I won, o want it all for my family! I pray Allah works in my favor! Follow my socials Insta: b_slimslife30 Twitter: BSlimRedAlert30 Snap: slimscrown30 SoundCloud: Bryan Perkins (Bslim)

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