gyro man

Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? Besides coffee and other things, the fear of a normal career pushes me the most. There’s a lot of avenues to make money doing what I’m doing but most people don’t know how to pull it off or don’t want to put in the hours. I’ve worked with other producers who have put more time in than I have and it inspires me. I like to think I work harder than most but there’s always someone who’s doing more.


Top 5 influences? My top 5 influences would be Madlib, Alchemist, Knxwledge, Dibia$e, and DJ Premier. It’s the usual influences for beat-makers like myself that stick with this sound and style. There’s plenty more I could list but these are the guys that strayed from the norm to push these sounds and work ethics. I like any artist who makes art for themselves.


New Projects? I have a music video for a track I did with ANKHLEJOHN from my last project. I put out my last instrumental beat tape “Zema Man” about a month ago. I want to put a halt on the instrumental tapes for a while to try and focus more on business, placements, and live shows. I still steadily release music on soundcloud and twitter at random.


What got you into music? I used to make music with a friend of mine, Marcello Cirelli, who’s now finishing up at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He gave me the foundation of making music and I ran with it. Once I got into sampling and production I kind of went my own way. He’s helped me with the majority of my projects with random instrumentation, mixing, and mastering whenever I’ve needed it.


Anything to tell your fans? A good 50% of my listeners are international which is wild. I’m assuming its because it’s mostly instrumental so there’s no language barrier issues – it’s all universal. I put out a lot of work consistently for free so if you like something, download it, save it, or whatever. There’s most likely something for everyone. I don’t make over a thousand beats a year for nothing. At the least it’s something for my own ears.


Goals for 2019? In 2019, the goals are to do producer for new artists I haven’t worked with. Whether it be single beats or full-length projects, I’m just looking to work with more people. I’m pretty accessible so if they need production they know where to find me.

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