Ghost Omega

Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? I’ve always been inspired by making some music that I can call my own finished product, different feelings happy or angry or those feelings of being trapped in this system in the world, I found mad inspiration from that as it helped become my escape from it all, I gotta also say to be working with in my opinion the hottest emcee in the game right now whos got that real essence of Hip Hop m.c,ing with mad polished skills,Supreme Allah Magnetic leader of our group comrad camp inspired the hell out of me also, so put these all together I’m all over it, feel me


Top 5 Influences? 1, Supreme Allah Magnetic, 2,Dj Premier, 3,Wu Tang, 4 A.G. Ditc 5. Scaramanga


New Projects? Well comrad camp always be working on new stuff we never stop so expect to see a lot more from Supreme Allah Magnetic and I for a long time,  the comrad Upoet and I are working on an album which has loads of feature including C4 and just started doin a couple things with the homie Cruxx Mottolo , all Comrad Camp feel me


What helped you get into music? I’d have to say what helped me when I was young was my father forcing me to learn piano, guess it helped a bit, but really it was the love I had for Hip Hop that helped me get into it way back at a young age, now I definitely say Supreme Allah Magnetic because if it weren’t for him I would of stayed undiscovered and this interview wouldn’t be happening, real talk yo


Anything to tell your fans? Be real, honest to one another, help the ones need helping in life, try not to get mixed up in bad things and try find a positive creative outlet that they can put love into and call their own,fuck the government, and also #comradcamp 4 life


Biggest goals for 2019? Biggest goals this year are just to keep workin like a beast, how comrads do, and to see Supreme Allah Magnetic and myself really make a name for ourselves which of course means the whole comradcamp group , we wont stop until recognition is given, then once that’s happened  , we gone be relentless and keep going, word!

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