1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires me most when I create? I feel like I have to do it, but in a good way because I feel like I’ve finally found my thing after not knowing what to do with my fucking life. Also friends is a huge part of it, many of them work with music and art overall and that influences me everyday.

    Top 5 influences? Oliver Sykes, Ghostemane, Lil Peep, Linkin Park and my mom.

    What helped you get into music? My parents has always been into alternative music so guess it started there but then when I was around 12 my older brother showed me Bring Me the Horizon and then I got stuck into metal ALOT. SO I started to play drums till I got like 15 then I got kinda tired of it. But then I started to write lyrics and make beats at around 17 to cope with depression and just started to slowly dream of becoming some kind of artist and have never stopped ever since. Always keep dreaming.

    When are my new projects coming out? Soon, working on a couple of songs that i’m probably gonna release as singles throughout these upcoming months. Much is written.

    What is one thing I wanna tell my fans? What fans? Seriously though, I love you all and I appreciate all of your support so, so much ❤

    Biggest goals 2019? Improve and release as much as I can, grow my fanbase and try to find more of an own sound

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