What inspires you the most when you create?


Inspiration for me really can come out of anywhere. It could be the mood I’m in that day, maybe the way my week has been going, anything. I’d have to say I’m most inspired after a show, either one I just played or am leaving the show saying “wow” with my friends.

I think (for me atleast), it’s really important to create music that really connects with the crowd / listener. It’s crazy to think that you can make someone feel excitement, and positivity just by frequencies bouncing through the air. Visually seeing that on peoples faces when they hear something you created is such an adrenaline rush. I want people to go crazy when they hear my music.


Who are your top 5 influences?


  2. Diplo
  3. RL Grime
  4. Boombox Cartel
  5. Aazar


Honorable mention – Bob Ross


When are your new projects coming out?


I’m going to try to release a new track every month or so. I’ve got a lot of unreleased music from a while ago, I’ve tapped into and began reworking on. So expect that. I know I can talk about a collab that’s currently in the works with my homie JKuch. He’s a dope producer, from Florida who just moved up here to Buffalo. Shouts to him, that track is gonna slap for sure.


What helped you get into music?


I’ve always been into music in general since I was a kid. I used to take guitar lessons throughout middle school and I always would sing the songs my parents would play in the car when I was super young. I never really understood genre’s. I always would take music I liked from all different generations and artists and just put them together and call them my favorites.


YouTube taught me most of music production. Where I’m from (Buffalo, New York) there aren’t many producers or someone you can have help you learn it hands on. So you just gotta take time to learn everything from YouTube.


As far as performances, I have been really blessed to have been brought into the club scene as a DJ since I was around 18 – 19 years old. This helped me become more comfortable behind the decks and know how to read a crowd. Tim Walton and DJ RanKan put faith in me and let me do direct support for  shows with big artists like 3LAU, 4B, Dirty Audio, and Crankdat on the lineup . I can’t thank them enough (So huge shout out to them as well). Last summer I had a residency there, really looking forward to doing that again this summer.


What is one thing you would tell your fans?


Don’t be afraid to say what’s up! I love when people reach out to me on social media, it’s honestly what keeps me going. Meeting up with people who love my music is such a honor. I always come down and chill for a bit in the crowd after I play a set too.


Last year I got to go on Spring Break with some of my friends to Florida, and while we were at this one bar, a dude came up to me from Ohio and was like “Holy shit! You’re Austin Daily” and i immediately gave him the biggest hug ever and we chatted for a bit haha. Such a cool moment, I’ll never forget that.


What are your biggest goals for 2019?


I think the biggest goal I have (in general), is to just put out great music that people enjoy and vibe to. Keep dropping tracks that are better than the last, and make as many connections as possible. Whether that’s fans, other artists, business partners or label A&R’s (or dogs, I love meeting dogs). I really want to be a part of this scene and spread my own positive energy. Growing the brand of “Austin Daily” is so much fun, and every day is a new adventure. What more could an artist want?

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