1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you when you create? Being able to understand that I have lived a dramatically different life than others, and being able to provide that insight to those who may be going through some shit themselves and need to know they aint alone. Also, being able to come from a place where everyone thought I would be dead or washed up by now, and become something greater than myself motivates me everyday to be one of the greatest to ever do this.

    Top 5 Influences? Eminem, Mac Miller, NF, Post Malone, Michael Jackson

    New Projects? I have a mixtape in the works that I hope to have out by August-September n I have an album in the works exclusively with one of my producers

    What got you into music? Growing up in musical family, my parents where in a band until I was 10 or so. I was exposed to all genres of music and the constant exposure drove me to try songwriting once I got into Hip-Hop when I was 11

    Anything to tell your fans? That you guys are all I have, you are why I do what I do. I feel the love from yall more than you know, and I owe it to you all he day I can finally say I become a somebody

    Goals for 2019? Prove to myself all the shit I went through was for a reason. Bring back Hip-hop with a unique sound and solid foundation. To become what they said I couldn’t

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