Exclusive Interview 


What inspires me most when I create? I would have to say feeling. A vibe, or emotion I guess that makes you feel some way. I want to make my music make people really feel the music the way I really feel the music made by my favorite artists


Who are my top 5 influences? Biggie is just kind of a staple in that category for many reasons. 50 cent is a big influence to me, Kurt contain from nirvana, Jelly Roll and Struggle jennings at the moment


 When are my new projects coming out? We I recently did a feature for Wiserap from the Uk “why “ wiserap ft kelly Cruz and pikaso, it’s out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify .Today I’ll be finishing up the music video shoot and that will be out in the near future. Other than that I guess I don’t have any specifics. Just be ready to get hit with some hits outta nowhere.


What helped me get into music? Music had always been a part of my life. My father was in bands when I was a child which led to me learning guitar and other instruments at an early age and really just sparked the dream of becoming a rockstar one day. Somewhere along the line hip hop really got ahold of me and I wanna say “the massacre” by 50 cent in 2005 was one of the earliest influences which made me love rap .


Anything to tell your fans? Honestly, I have millions of things to tell them, and I will through my music. So for now what I have to say is, stay tuned .


Biggest goals for 2019?  Definitely to release an album, and get moving on some live shows!!

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