New York Page



Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? Inspiration comes from everywhere for me really, The good times, the bad times, life itself, listening to other artist, diggin for samples. Sometimes a song i make or a line from a movie, maybe even a convo might spark an entire idea. I fuel off doubt and naysayers, i love it.


Top 5 Influences? Jay z , nas, big pun, styles p & lloyd banks.


New Projects? Something light 2 mixtape out now, the “art of free” and the “new york page” on the way…


What got you into music?  It started when my pops bumped KRS one – sound of the police. Thats when i fell in love with hip hop, years later i wanted to make music but i didnt know how to start. met a few friends that did and i aint look back since.


Anything to tell your fans? Really im just a fan as well, i love music just like ya’ll and I’ll never sell myself short for nobody and you shouldn’t either. Do whatever makes you happy!


Goals for 2019? Goals for 2019 would be to put out more projects, more performances, visuals and just become a better person as well as an artist.

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