Exclusive Interview 



What inspires you the most when you create? What inspires me the most is a difficult questions to answer. In complete honesty inspiration comes to me in all forms and ways. Inspiration can come from a tough situation I have been in or something a friend has been going through. My inspiration can come from the relationships I have, or the experiences I have at college. A big inspiration are the people who don’t think I can make something amazing. My doubters motivates me to make content that I can be proud of. Another big inspiration to help me make music was my drive. I was tired of my old situation with fake friends and wanted to create something that I could finally be proud of. I made something for me, and when I was done I was told about my impacted on my fans lives and how I gave them something to relate to.


Who are your top 5 influences? Drake Drake is my favorite artist and a large influence on my music. His melodies and lyrical content inspire me to tell my story and express myself. Drake also influences me to differ up my musical style when I make new music. All of his projects differ in some way and that inspires me to be different when creating a new sound. Juice WRLD Juice Wrld is a very important influence to me. His debut album gave me the confidence to be completely honest in my music. Juice Wrld sings about his heartbreak and problems dealing with drug usage and women. His music taught me to express myself freely and try new sounds with my voice. He taught me to be true to myself Kanye West Kanye is a huge inspiration to me. Another artist who has influenced me since a young age to make content that people can relate to. He taught me that my voice is the most important instrument I have, and I should utilize it in many different aspects. A$AP Rocky Asap has recently become a large influence after seeing him in concert with my best friend and graphic designer, Marc Ellenberg. ASAP has taught me to be unique to myself. He taught me to have self confidence and believe in the art I am creating now. Love live ASAP! Yago De Oliveira Yago, also known as YagoD when he makes music, has been one of my closest friends since my freshman year of college. He was a large influence as I got to sit with him and watch him make music. Seeing his passion and drive largely influenced me to start making music.


When are your new projects coming out? I have a 2 Song EP called Shooting Stars coming out very soon! This will either be out at the end of February or at the beginning of March. I am currently working on my second album which is set to release in either November or December. I am very excited to release this EP and my new album.


What helped you get into music? Since a young age, my uncles and aunts have always put me onto different types of music. My father got me into rock at a very young age. When it comes to creating music I can credit two people who helped me. Without Guy Tedesco and Marc Ellenberg there would be no devRAB. Marc Ellenberg my best friend for a long time, convinced me in a late night conversation to pursue my dream of making music. He supported me 100% and offered his services of making my cover art. He is the best graphic designer I know and he helps me to this day giving me his honest feedback. Guy Tedesco was the producer out of Vermont that helped make my dream come true. He helped me create the Gummo Remix which got the ball rolling to other projects. Without Guy believing in me and helping me, who knows where we would be today.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans simply is thank you. For all their constant love and support. Without any of you I don’t know where I’d be. It means alot to have everyone follow and support something you put your heart into. Seeing you all singing my lyrics at my shows is a feeling that can’t be replicated. Seeing all the love and support whenever I drop a single just makes me feel so proud. So thanks to you all, you inspire me to keep making music.


What are your biggest goals for 2019? My biggest goals for 2019 are simple. Like anyone with a dream, I want to keep making music and performing at different venues in New York. I just want to keep getting my exposure and creating music that people can relate to. I want to just keep growing as an artist and performing at bigger venues. I’d say my next biggest goal is to drop my second album and keep growing my fan base!

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