aka RéY


Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? the music and general vibe you feel off it. Knowing exactly what vibe you’re trying to get across helps you deliver what’s right for each song.


Top 5 influences? hip hop culture in general and best proponents of it; no but seriously tho, people from Wretch 32, Kano and Ghetts to Little Simz to Jay Z.


New Projects? One definite project around summer, but it’s “aka RéY presents…” rather than just myself.


What got you into music? It’s been a steady process from just loving music to understanding it and how to craft what I want. Also realizing I have something different to give than what’s out there already musically and thematically, on both sides of the pond ha! F


Anything to tell your fans? That I’m ambitious AF! And once I’ve convinced enough people I’m worth the time investment, the levels will go up and we’ll start releasing what I’ve always had in escrow haha


Biggest goals? Open for an artist like Little Simz, Loyle Carner, Wretch 32, Kano or Kojey Radical. Release this multi faceted project we’re working on. Perform at least once a month!

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