Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you to create?  The Music Family… I listen to the instruments and apply the last one, my voice and whatever words that come to me rhythmically…


Top 5 Influences? My family/ children/ grandchildren/ the streets/ learning…


New Projects? I’m starting out 2019 featured on an EP titled Mi$tuh G Local Gz Coolin produced by Local Star, a single titled “Another Day Another Way” produced by SF Traxx, a charity event on February 8th “Hooked on Fishing not Violence” with my Pay$tyleMusic family and on 4/20/2019 we’ll be in Los Angeles performing live at The Blvd Neighborhood Bar 2631 Whittier Blvd. for just $10 at the door…


What got you into music? Me myself and the group of brothers I started out rapping with. The 1st 100! Without them brothers I’d probably be dead somewhere… My 1st real support group! From there I created everything… They gave me the courage and confidence I needed to pursue my music career for real.


Anything to tell your fans? Always put your best foot forward no matter what..!


Goals for 2019? To build a better network through The Music Family… Network with businessmen/ women & hot artists from all around the world and create great music..!

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