Lance Pilon (The Grey Disorder)

Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? MUSIC. How something that lives in your head or heart – somehow makes it’s way out to the world. Fascinating. I am encapsulated in other artists songs, lyrics and sounds. I often get lost in their music – analyzing every note, every melody or composition. It could be the heartfelt lyric from a love song or a powerful baseline from a dance beat – whatever it is, it just makes me want to engage and create. I am also a slave to electronic, synthetic sounds. When I am creating music, many of my songs start with a specific sound that speaks to me. Sound design is a passion of mine – I think we are all looking to create that NOISE or SOUND that scratches the itch inside of us.


Who are your top 5 influences A very tough question for me since I have a massive library of artists, from many different genres and styles but I would consider myself and eighties child and my biggest influences come from that period. Howard Jones was probably the biggest influence on my music. Depeche Mode were a massive influence on my music and still are. I like their mix of analogue equipment (guitars etc.) and synthesizers. Their music is often dark, moody and have many textures and layers. Dead or Alive, I love the production of their music and it’s catchy. Information Society offered another approach to synthetic music that inspired me. I like their use of sampling and they just managed to bring an edge to mainstream pop. KISS, though not an electronic band, were like superheroes to me. I appreciate their showmanship and creativity. KISS destroyer was my first album and it inspired me to think bigger – to fantasize – to have fun with music and life.


When are your new projects coming out? I just released “I’m Afraid of Americans” – which will be included on my next EP, scheduled for release mid-spring. I am in writing stage at the moment but I have many tunes that are in a good place. A video will be released for the next single from this EP.


What helped you get into music? Music is in my blood. I was surrounded  by music from a very young age. My father was in a country music band that toured Canada and the United States. Since it was his livelihood, he was constantly on the road playing clubs and I didn’t see him much. Both my mother and her sisters played in local small town bars singing and playing guitar to help put food on the table.  As a young child I was captivated by all genres of music but it was the purchase of my first synthesizer in my early teens that inspired me to create. Eighty’s bands like Depeche Mode, Information Society, Howard Jones and Dead or Alive opened my ears and my heart – putting a fire in me to create. I met like-minded friends in College and we started a band. At this point I was a bass player and though I enjoyed it, I still felt that I was just a bass player. I wanted more… that’s when digital software and workstations became more accessible. This was a game changer for me. I could now create music at home, on my own. I had the power to do it myself.



What is one thing you would tell your fans? First of all I would thank them for their support and encouragement. Secondly, each song I put out to the world has a personal connection to me. Song writing is a very personal journey and is often not easy to capture in lyrics and song. I would encourage my fans to take the time to listen to the music with an open mind and to digest the lyrics and hopefully connect on a deeper level.



What are your biggest goals for 2019? My biggest goals for 2019 are to release another EP. “I’m Afraid of Americans” is a teaser to that release and will be included on the EP. I’m hoping to have it ready mid-spring. In preparation for this I have reached out to a couple of photographers and plan to do a shoot in the next few months. Additionally, I will be releasing a video for the next single from the EP. John Von Ahlen from the Australian synth pop band PARRALOX will be remixing one of my tunes and will also be included on the EP.As well, I’ve begun planning my first live show! Promoter’s have been hassling me to get out and play live and are excited to get behind me to make it happen. I have many years of experience performing live but never as a front man. In the 90’s I played bass in an alt-rock band called “Riddle Me This” and recently played keys for an electronic EBM band called nTTx – based out of Toronto, Canada.On a more personal scale, my goal is to continue to refine my song writing and production skills as well as connecting more with my fan-base as well as finding new fans.

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