nobody cooper

Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? To be honest a lot of the artist I listen too and personal experiences, i like to create music that reflects how I feel at the time of making the track.


Top 5 Influences? Shyler, two22, Solonely, Mac miller, lil peep.


New Projects? I have nothing planned at the moment but hopefully I will drop a ep within a few months, right now I’m happy releasing song after song.


What got you into music? I started listening to lofi and fell in love with the sound and the cool little anime gifs or videos they would have in the background, so one day I said fk it and bought a midi keyboard and fl studio and started producing lofi.


Anything to tell your fans? Just be yourself and do what you want and please take care of your mental and physical health.


Goals for 2019? Hopefully to be able to reach more people and gain a following to spread positivity and happiness, and always been a goal of mine to have a song on status, and improve my mental and physical self

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