Justin Marlowe

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you when you create? The thing that inspires me the most is when I hear a note or a cadence that is eye opening. It can even be as simple as a combination of sounds that come off very catchy to my ear. That is what makes me get that “bugg” to keep working. Also, when I get positive feedback from other creatives, it is a euphoric adrenaline rush. Knowing that others peers within the industry are vibing with what I’m doing is such a phenomenal push forward.

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be The Neptunes, Timbaland, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, and Kanye West. Each individual plays a major part in terms of where my “sound” and vibe comes from. From an artistic perspective, they all have a certain lane within the field of songwriting that can never be replaced. It’s very difficult to put just five people on a list such as this, as there are so many that influence my art, but these would have to be the primary ones.

    New Projects? I have four projects that will be released in the next month or so. I am a part of a collaborative called Starr Blazerz with singer/songwriter, Glen Reynolds, and we have an EP entitled, “The Resurgence,” coming out very soon. It will be our third project, following the albums, “Undeniable Truth,” and, “Reconstruction.” You can check those records out here . In addition to that EP, I’ve got a remix single coming out with the artist, Joyaz, for her record, “Angie.” It isn’t available yet but will be very soon. Also, I will be releasing a single with up and coming hip hop artist, Makia, called, “No One Else,” which features Maya Lazaro on the hook. Makia and I have collaborated quite frequently and you can check our work together out on our album, “Acid Regin,” which is streaming on all major platforms as well as the single, “DreamStation.” Finally, I have multiple tracks that will be appearing on the Atlanta hip hop artist, Pa6lo’s, upcoming mixtape, “Straight Out The 6.”

    What got you into music? The main thing that helped me get into music was being in the band during middle and high school. In addition to that, just listening the records by acts like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Dr. Dre, Ace of Base, and Madonna, really gave me a taste of wanting to try my hand at songwriting and production. The beats were just so cool that I felt as though it was something I could lend my skill set to in a very unique fashion.

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is, “Thank You!” It’s so hard to generate interest in this industry these days that it is so important to let your supporters know that you appreciate them. With that being said, it’s also difficult to even know who your fans are sometimes. But, if anyone is out there streaming what I do or checking my facebook, Twitter, or instagram pages, then they are greatly appreciated! I’d even encourage them to reach out to me to let me know.

    Biggest goals for 2019? My biggest goal of 2019 is to keep pushing and have a “life altering” event occur with my music being the impetus. I’m trying to out in Los Angeles influencing culture. Music and fashion in unison. You can check out most of my work here

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