Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you to create? Hope! We never had anything so we put our selfs in a mind state like one day we will pop, we will have this or do this, we inspires our ourselves. 


Top 5 Influences? mom off gates, my partner OHH Vick, my cousin and friends, I can’t forget about my upcoming fans they waiting for us to drop some more fire.


New Projects?  Well it was suppose to be December 21 we was suppose to drop a mixtape but it won’t be done until the first of the year of 2019.


What got you into music? I been like rapping since middle school days before I got serious. My partner OHH Vick was tell me that we should take it to a next level, so out first song’ No Hook’ got local in our city so we decide to work with each other and keep everything forward.


Anything to tell your fans? thank you for supporting me when my family didn’t.


Biggest goals for 2019? our biggest goal is too keep making good songs for our awesome fans.

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