Azlo Raps

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you when you create? My life stories inspire me the most because they’re real and I’ve been through it so each time I write a song it’s therapeutic.

    Top 5 Influences? It’s really hard to have just 5 but here is some of them Eminem , Yelawolf , Lil Wayne , Kevin Gates , Riff Raff

    New Projects? New projects coming out late March and also later in the year

    What got you into music? Music is all I had some days so sometime to express myself I’d write and once I felt I got good enough at writing that’s when I tried to start Making music and to see if I had the right voice to make it or not.

    Anything to tell your fans? Stay loyal to me through thick and thin and that’s what you’ll get in return thanks to anybody who’s ever pressed play on my songs and listen fully through fans reaching out to me is very motivating.

    Biggest goals for 2019? My biggest goals of 2019 would be to perform my own shows build a bigger fan base and get the recognition that I deserve from everyone who recognizes real talent otherwise I get doubtful sometimes

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