Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you to create? Always it is generated on a subconscious level, usually to my music is darkness, maybe of the negative data i feed of daily on my life recent years, crisis, war etc


Top 5 Influences?  prodigy, beastie boys, cypress hill, inkyz,. tony jr

New Projects? my second album, time robbers, will contain the best of tunes of 17-18 as a collection, together with the first ‘freaky boyz jammin’

What got you into music? I started mixing with my first hi fi 90s karaoke, you know the primitive tech that isolate the vocs of the cdwith yours, my first exp was with beastie boys sabotage.. during 00’s i started to experiment on electronic music mostly on platforms like Sony Acid and magix and when the net made it available to upload my tunes for the world, i just grab the chance

Anything to tell your fans? many thanks for the support, always to see and the bright side of life and i promise them great things to come…

Goals for 2019? i love to have some media coverage, to have better sales for my second collection, more fans , why not an event and above all, health! thanks

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