Blaine Cobak


Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? My atmosphere mostly. I put effort towards keeping myself around positive energy, the energy is real. As a believer in Christ, I see the world thru the lens of scripture, and within this outlook, the vision is grim. I want to help spread the message of morals, principles. I want to bring the golden rule back, where your word holds value. Where else better to express these thoughts and emotions than over beautiful chords and instruments with some heavy bass.


Who are your top 5 influences? As a former college athlete, a current coach in various sports from kids ages 5-12, to teens-adults in college, I have grown to appreciate particular characteristics about people in sports, music and how its so relative to life. Everything is. With that, my top 5 influences no fronting have to be; Jesus Christ – my savior My Father – led by example Kobe Bryant – perseverance Peter Guare – best “Uncle” I never had Lil Wayne – man we grew up on Wayne


What helped you get into music? My father was a musician/vocalist back in the day so it has always been in my blood/lifestyle growing up. But really, after going D2 for soccer out of high school, and realizing how much more work I had to put in, I knew I didn’t have the need in me physically anymore, I was beginning to know myself. I was also a creative writer, I did enjoy poetry but was low key about it, never kept anything I even wrote, it was more of a venting situation at the time. The combo with the support of some close people I consider family pushed me into it a little more and once I grew confidence in how my voice sounded, I figured I may as well go for this shit now, got this bullshit degree to fall back on if anything. Now was and is the time.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? To listen to the bars…all the lyrics have meaning within almost each word, each line, and it really will give you the overall scheme of things in the end if you let it be. I feel like I rap about so many serious things at once it’s difficult to comprehend. I’m in this shit to prove a point that most of the ‘rappers’ in the game have sold out, literally, and don’t try to expertise their craft at all. This is so much more than a party for me.


What are your biggest goals for 2019? At the moment I am most excited about a new track featuring Mark Battles. If all goes right we are hoping to drop within the first 2 months of 2019. I have a couple other collabs brewing up too, tracks that will show a different side of Blaine Cobak. I want to splash a bit more into the r&b scene.


When are your new projects coming out? I am currently working on 4-5 different projects, so its too early to tell which one is gonna go with the flow and vibe, it’s all about timing in the industry. On Halloween 2018 I dropped my first project since 2016 titled ‘Lord Swagger; – The Return’. Since then we’ve been working on vol.2 ‘The Reign’. Like I said I want to expand my sound in 2019 so the other projects are more focused on that smooth relaxing type sound.

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