Mychael Shakur

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you to create? I’d say the future of my kids inspires me when ai create, i just want to give them a life that we all deserve.

    Top 5 Influences? Not in any order; Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley, All of my niggas in Troublesome and yes we count as one nigga cuz im reppin the bros automatically (N.M.C, Joey Chambers, Dank, Creation, and my bro PayDay), J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. I’ll probably get shit for not naming any O.G’s but i feel like thats what really got me thru tough times. Of course i grew up on Pac, Jay Z, Dre, Wu Tang, all off it, but i didn’t take that stuff in like I did with this generation, i was just a different age so i didnt understand the lyrics like i can now.

    New Projects? My first project’s droppin this Christmas so be ready! After that i got a lil somethin for the real fans that really wanna peep what I’m bout to be on for 2019.

    What got you into music? Honestly just seeing everybody from my area (Washington State) doing what they’re doing. Not to mention the guys behind the Cam, ElOnTheCam (TownEnt), Mike Will (BreadnButter), Dylan Fout and more gone in the last year alone is crazy. My bros have been pursuing this shit since before i ever even dreamed of rapping, that’s another thing that really inspired me to do it.

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I’d tell my fans is to never give up on your dreams, because if you manifest anything enough it will become reality. You just have to put the work in to get where you wanna go. Jesus aint gonna take that wheel dawg, you gotta do it, and give yourself some credit when you succeed! Religion isn’t everything. We have one life, don’t live it being afraid of what will happen when you’re gone. Cuz you’re here, just be the best you can be and thats what matters. Positivity is key! I aint sayin go and quit believing in God either, do what YOU feel is best. Not me.

    Biggest Goals for 2019? And I’d say the biggest goal i have for 2019 is just to get as many people to hear me as possible, im tryna elevate us all, and i just want people to know we need each other’s support to do that. And i look forward to working with you also!

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