Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you when you create?  My mind. I love watching my crazy concepts unfold and being able to express a lot of the ideas that I’m not able to when I’m talking to people. Creating songs allows me to plan them out and execute on it.

Top 5 Influences? Definitely Kanye West, B.o.B, Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco, and Kid Cudi

New Projects? I have 2 music videos on their way to being released in the New Year, shouts to 2019. Other than that, there is a full album on its way “Bad Love is a Beautiful Aesthetic”.

What got you into music?  Honestly I’m gonna say only me, I had a really hard time connecting socially with a lot of people growing up and music was always in my life. One day, I think I was 12, I sat down and learned how to play Hall of Fame by on the piano and I realized that I’ve got what it takes to actually play good music. (The process of learning to create wasn’t so easy at first though)

Anything to tell your fans? Keep doing you man and never be afraid of switching up, changing your opinions, or ways of doing things. The second you decide to blindly follow what you know is the second you stop your growth.

Biggest Goals for 2019? We’re gonna make it into the thousands for views, right now I’m like any other YouTube channel started by some kid. 2019 is gonna be a complete re-branding of Chxnge and making my music reach the masses.

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