Third Of The Fourth

Exclusive Interview 



What inspires you the most when you create? Two things mainly, I often hear something in a track that just sparks me. I’ll think ‘What would go well with that? How would I do that differently?’ and I never have to worry about it sounding the same because my sonic identity is pretty unique to me. The sounds I hear are always from songs of a different genre too. It can be from old metal songs, film scores or pop songs. The other inspiration will purely be my mood and people close to me. If something or someone is on my mind, I will often express it in my music. This is something I can’t turn off either, If I have other important work to do or I need to sleep, I won’t be able to as my mind will be 100% into making the song.


Who are your top 5 influences? Influence can come in many forms. For me I would have to say that the artists chosen are a real reflection of that: 5) Flume – I always enjoy tracks by Flume. I think his creativity when composing synth leads are a great lesson in being creative with your leads. 4) Murlo – Murlo has been inspiring for his drum/beat compositions. They hold a grime sound to them and listening to his music has helped me create vibrant drum compositions for my tracks too. 3) Alexisonfire – Dallas Green’s vocals and the multiple electric guitars are what inspire me with this group. I’ve often dissected notes from Dallas’ vocals in certain songs and have come up with piano compositions with it. 2) Thomas Newman – His film scores are so identifiable and the way he composes his leads with mainly violins are just a joy to listen to. 1) Deadmau5 – He got me into dance music in general many years ago so he solely is a top influencer for that alone.


When are your new projects coming out? I have just finished a 2019 edit of What I Got by James Chang. I previously remixed the song which was part of the EP release in February last year and this new edit takes on a more emotional, orchestral and uplifting sound. That will be coming out in February, with the teaser video available now on my Instagram. I have a 4 track EP called Infinite finished and is ready to go. I will be pushing it on to a few labels and will see what happens to it in a few weeks time. After that I have my next album, which is already taking shape as 4-5 tracks are already nearly finished and contain more collaborations with other singers and vocalists.


What helped you get into music? More like who AND what, and that would be my mother first and foremost. As a kid we had a piano in the house and I was always curious about it, then my mum decided to get me some lessons. I began with grading but soon learnt to dislike it as I was being forced to learn music pieces I didn’t like. My teacher then allowed me to learn songs that I chose, so I started learning tracks from Coldplay, Gary Jules and Robbie Williams. Then as the years went by, I started experimenting with the chords and notes in my spare time which led me to create different piano versions of their songs, which ultimately led me to make my own music.


What is the one thing you would tell your fans? Simply to tell them how much I appreciate their support. As an artist I understand and see that a lot of other artists are always pushing to reach more and more people, which is fair enough, I do it too. It is important however, to reflect on who’s supporting you right now because they are so important, and I feel very humble to have any kind of support.


What are your biggest goals for 2019? To bluntly put it, I have a lot my own music that people haven’t heard, so I’m hoping to play at some venues to begin getting my name out there in the event circuit a bit more, as so far I’ve just been building up the content. I have made some remixes specifically for playing live, so I feel more than ready to play.

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