Exclusive Interview 

What inspires you when you create?  I’d say, The leaders of tomorrow, I think of them always. I think of a path way for them, I think of the nonbelievers, the people whom have lost their hope, the once who feel life is dark and a basket of empty souls. OT no dey full basket, I also inspire me, my own experiences. I’ve been through pain and struggle, I want to speak words of wisdom from my world, because it’s real and i’m sure someone out there will relate and maybe I could change a soul. and to make an impact in souls I must. I think of you, who take the time to publish people like us, hoping to make your work worth it. so let’s say I’m inspired by !mankind. AMEN

What helped you get into music? Unspoken words and written rhymes lol, truth is fear of expression. As a kid I used to be bullied, when ever I tried to speak out I was put down, so I’d go home and express myself to the paper sheets in written words and spoken rhymes with a rhythm. When ever someone heard or read my speech in such form they listened, some even asked me to write songs for them, as at then it was just a means to express myself. I found my voice for the first time, In high school the student commitee asked me to be a part and perform in a fight against bullying forum, I was so honoured and for the first time, I gave a voice to those who couldnt speak, I felt like a star , Do you know what that feels like? I did. I was always complimented on my written than school work, after awhile I knew my path in life and took it. Here I am. AMEN

Anything to tell your fans? Self doubt is the beginning of failure and a man has failed when he quits, make hay while the sun shines and never lose sight of that Sun. So far it shines in you, it will shine forever. AMEN

Biggest goals for 2019?  •Save as many lives as I can •Impact in many souls as I can •Create a pathway for leaders of tomorrow •Put myself in a position to assist and make a change to the community and public •Give publishers a reason to smile AMEN


Top 5 Influences? Jesus Christ •Kolawole Akinlagun •Nelson Mandela •Martin Luther king •Fela Anikulapo kuti . AMEN

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