Exclusive Interview       What inspires you the most when you create? –I love to use a combination of what is current in my life + what my mind is focused on future wise, experiences either I’ve encountered or was close enough to for me to express, & of course, wordplay. My mother has a … More Tilly


    Exclusive Interview    What inspires you the most when you create? How I feel mainly but also want to express what I have learned and/or experienced. Imagination also inspires but ultimately, everything comes from heart and spirit or from my connection to the source of All. I open up the best I can and … More QettSevOn

Justin Marlowe

Exclusive Interview  What inspires you when you create? The thing that inspires me the most is when I hear a note or a cadence that is eye opening. It can even be as simple as a combination of sounds that come off very catchy to my ear. That is what makes me get that “bugg” … More Justin Marlowe

nobody cooper

Exclusive Interview    What inspires you when you create? To be honest a lot of the artist I listen too and personal experiences, i like to create music that reflects how I feel at the time of making the track.   Top 5 Influences? Shyler, two22, Solonely, Mac miller, lil peep.   New Projects? I … More nobody cooper


Exclusive Interview    What inspires you to create? Hope! We never had anything so we put our selfs in a mind state like one day we will pop, we will have this or do this, we inspires our ourselves.    Top 5 Influences? mom off gates, my partner OHH Vick, my cousin and friends, I … More JBDaGod

Azlo Raps

Exclusive Interview  What inspires you when you create? My life stories inspire me the most because they’re real and I’ve been through it so each time I write a song it’s therapeutic. Top 5 Influences? It’s really hard to have just 5 but here is some of them Eminem , Yelawolf , Lil Wayne , … More Azlo Raps


    Exclusive Interview  What inspires you to create? Always it is generated on a subconscious level, usually to my music is darkness, maybe of the negative data i feed of daily on my life recent years, crisis, war etc   Top 5 Influences?  prodigy, beastie boys, cypress hill, inkyz,. tony jr New Projects? my second … More Nicksofar


Exclusive Interview  What your inspiration when you create? my inspiration to create comes from a very dark place, I grew up kinda rough, but I also learned we as individuals can improve any situation, simply focusing on oneself. Top 5 Influences? My musical influences wow I’d say James Brown, the roots, OutKast, pastor Troy and … More MACK CA$H