Peso Pootie

Exclusive Interview 



What inspires you when you create? My situation, situation with everyone around me and what I’m doing is going to change that. I also think about what people want to hear and give them what I know they want to hear.


Top 5 influences? Cousin big Lyfe (taught me how to make music, put bars together) Future (made harmonizing a lane) Master p (regular person from the hood and built the empire with no help all independent) Tupac (you can still be you and reach the masses)  NBA young boy (work ethic out of this world)  First quarter: Mixtape, album, & video dropping


What got you into music? Music always been apart of me always been around it. I used it as a getaway from my situation and my surroundings, when I knew I was good I took it serious. Once I realized I was good and could reach people going through the same thing I took it serious


Anything to tell your fans? If you got a dream don’t ever let nobody tell you you can’t succeed. Hard work pays off no matter what you’re doing


Goals for 2019? I wanna become a household name.

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