Exclusive Interview 


Top 5 influences? 1.) in 3rd grade Ludacris is the first person I remember inspiring me to wanna do music when I saw the “Stand Up” video and his other songs like Move bitch and Rollout would pop up on the fast & furious, Austin powers movie soundtrack & And 1 video games etc. i used to print out the lyrics and rap along when it would chart on 106 and park. I still have the physical copy of Red Light district to this day. 2.) 50 Cent was the second person I felt a strong connection with musically as a kid maybe in 5th grade or something like that I remember I went to Mississippi and my grandma took us all to Walmart to buy a cd for the plane for our walkman. I picked up The Massacre album by 50 cent and from there it was game over. I loved his beat selection and everything he said with conviction just made his words that much more powerful. Which is where I feel like I get my story telling ability in my music from. 3.) Lil’ Wayne out of everyone is my biggest influence though no doubt. The fact that he’s literally been able to stay relevant to this day since a 9 year old kid is amazing and his ear for talent is amazing as well Discovering people like Tyga, Drake Nicki and the entire Young Money roster in my high school days. Which is definitely why I wrote a record about him called Wayne on my first project because if he didn’t create that punch line, witty like lyrics who knows how my style would be, if I even fell in love with writing raps. His discovery consists of so many remixes, freestyles and features that make any beat 20x better and that’s what I strive to do anytime I record. 4.) Missy Elliot was so dope to me when I was younger because she really knows how to reinvent herself with every single record. Her beat selection is probably the best in the game in my opinion. I just remember hearing beats like gossip folks with ludacris on it and whatever plethora of other unique sounds Timbaland would cook up for her and that’s what made me wanna set the standard for my beats. People tell me all the time my beats are so hard and how I have the best beats. I got that mentality from missy. 5.) Eminem- there’s not enough words to explain what Eminem taught me just from watching his videos. I’m a huge fan of how versatile he’s been throughout his career. He’s so creative as far as presenting an idea to the world. For instance “my band” with D12 had me so stuck when I seen it because he was really spitting tough bars but having so much fun with it and it’s so effortless. I strive for that all the time. Sound effortless.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? I would tell my fans that they add fuel to the fire and keep this entire operation going. If it weren’t for them all of my hard work and talent would get swept under the rug and fall on deaf ears. I don’t even like to call my supporters fans because then it doesn’t seem genuine. We’re all human beings and I’m no different from anyone else outside of my timing, resources, location and ambition level. I just work a lot harder than most and I feel that’s why I end up in some pretty dope situations that I can capitalize from.I built my support base from sending my music through dms so me and my supporters are pretty close to begin with. I would definitely encourage them to get off the bleachers and into the field at some point if they haven’t already though. Nothing breaks my heart more than when people not knowing their worth and they live their lives through other people and other cheap thrills. But nonetheless the bars I give, I know my fans are sharp.


What inspires you the most when you create? It may sound selfish but When I’m creating, I want to just outdo myself every single time. I have a mental checklist in my head. Will this be timeless? Does this sound different from everything else out there? Would this song make a good first impression if this was the only song someone heard from me? Is this gonna inspire someone else? How big of an impact will this make? These are things that run through my mind when I’m trying to be great. My main focus when I’m creating music or even molding myself into the best version of myself possible is be better today than I was yesterday. After roughly 5-10 seconds of hearing a beat, I’m inspired like crazy. I remember it was 4am, I was laying in my bed in Reno, Nevada just overthinking everything about life going through beats on YouTube and found the beatfor Wasteland which is a song off gamble. Took that mindset and ran with it and that’s one of my most respected and important songs to date according to a lot of people. I say that to say, how the beat sounds correlates directly with how inspired I am.


When are your projects coming out? I’m actually working on Legend Has It right now. It’s gonna be my second project I’ve ever put out. Gamble was my very first. Gamble was a lot more personal of a project for me and it was kind of rushed to be honest because I just had a lot on my heart at the time and felt like I would implode if I didn’t put it out in some way shape or form. Legend Has It is a lot less more personal I’m really just rapping my ass off tbh and got with my engineer SoundbyDawsøn over at JunxionSound studios in Vegas He knows exactly how I like my voice to sound. I met him because I needed to do a verse for this record me & Rich tha Kid got on the way. I was more than happy with the outcome so we just kept the momentum going. I dropped two singles so far “No Jumper Ft. T.Rabb” and “Beginner’s Luck Ft. itsrayiguess” which are amazing to me and the city. I want Legend Has It to give you a “Mixtape Weezy” feel with a ton of unexpected features and a huge sample size of songs (20+) from me but with original beats. I think that’ll really be a win/win for me and my fan base because I’ll be able to take advantage of the streaming era and getting paid off the backend on my music and my fans can really get fed more hard shit In a playlist form. I plan on releasing that first quarter of 2019. I don’t have a set date yet.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? My biggest goals in 2018 is really master self efficiency when creating music. I don’t want to be in a position where I’m a slave to my own creativity. I want to be able to make a beat, record to it and mix and master it down to perfection on my own. I don’t want to break my bank recording for studio sessions all the time. I also want to establish my brand a little more and have a full operation going on. I started a company called Legacy Lineup which I can’t say much about but it’s gonna make an impact for not only me but more talented individuals who could use an extra boost to get themselves seen and heard. I also want to get better with cinematography/videography for music videos, I shot the No Jumper video with my own camera and got with my boy Jittpain out in New York for the edits. We a team and I want to soak up as much game from him as possible so I have the cleanest visuals. I got a lot more goals but I want to keep them to myself. I heard a goal without a dream is just a wish and ever since I heard that quote I’ve been writing things down and crushing them daily.


What helped you get into music? I used to write raps on the notepad program on my computer when I was real young. The farthest back I can remember is 10 years old. There’ve honestly been a few different scenarios and instances that made me dab into but the most impactful is sophomore year in high school I’ll never forget this. Me and my homies would freestyle in the car all the time after parties or whatever we were getting into at the time. I remember vividly we were at a party and my boy got caught flirting with this girl and his girlfriends homegirls saw it. She came up to him and punched him hard as shit in his face and gave him a bruise. He obviously couldn’t do anything right there so his first instinct he figured he’d buy a condenser mic for his laptop and write a diss record about her and he wanted me to get on it as well. The crazy part about it is that it was actually dope and the girl was popular around a high school so the high school he went to had everyone listening to it. It was weird but that’s kinda how I first started getting buzz and that one moment encouraged me to wanna buy a mic and laptop and get going and now here we are

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