Jay The Goat

Exclusive Interview 

Whats the inspiration when you create? Well, my name is Jawon Jackson and I’m from a town in Southern Virginia called South Boston, Virginia. I’m 21 years old as well. I’ve been influenced by music for a while; including all types of genre.

Top 5 Influences? If I had to pick 5 influences, they would definitely be : Lil Wayne because of the endless amount of flows he has, lyricism & the way he knows his own sound. Wayne’s shows how to consistently stay in the music industry. Meek Mill as well because he’s a true animal. Grind to get to where he is & freestyling wise he eats whenever it’s time to hop in. G Herbo out of Chicago as well is a big influence. Rapping is all about speaking realness & he delivers every time. Throwback wise when I told one of my mans, George, that I was going to start taking being an artist seriously he made me do my research. He showed me ALL of the greats on rapping from the old days. My biggest two influences from then are Rakim & I know they were a group but the entire NWA. Rakim to me is just a Rap God. A true epitome of rap. NWA are influences to me because they got into the booth each time & recording what they wanted and not others.

What got you into music? Expressing yourself on the track is the true purpose. Towards the end of 2017, I started slacking in my music. This year so far I’ve been either writing or in the studio everyday.

New Projects? My plan right now is to release a new song each week to lead up to my newest mixtape release. Took some time to figure out the concept, but it all has started falling into place. L.E.W.I.S The Mixtape will be my upcoming mixtape. L.E.W.I.S stands for : “Living Exactly What I Say”. A lot of guys been making it famous or trying to make it famous by speaking false claims instead of just their own lives. I’m young, but I know I’ve been through enough to tell my story. My new music coming out all have different vibes. I tell people that everyone isn’t the same, so I always try to make songs that will entertain & draw everyone that listens in.

What helped me get into music? Can’t go this entire interview without giving a Shoutout to my boy Josh, Pablocanroll on Soundcloud and Social media. Him and a small group had started rapping with each other. I would always come just to listen and give advice. Pablo would always say he felt like I could do it & eventually I gave it a try. After my first recorded song ever, he was like it’s definite that we should keep pursuing this dream. A lot of older rappers are saying HipHop is dying. There are a lot of people still striving for true HipHop, and I want to become a bigger icon in that aspect which is why i started as well.

Anything to tell your fans? If I could tell my fans one thing, I would tell them to honestly just vibe with the music. I don’t make tracks. Those are not my forte. I thrive to make complete songs that everyone can sing along to & vibe with. If you ever get to check out my music, I promise you all will leave singing or remembering certain parts of the songs!

Goals for 2018? I’ve made a couple of goals already for my 2018 music career. NUMBER ONE is stop letting great songs just sit as rough drafts. Put in the time, get in the booth, and deliver to my fans great music. Second, I’ve already started getting them set, but I’m going to be performing a lot this year. Good music, good vibes & just jiggin on stage doing what I love to do. Third, would be to post some videos for my songs. I feel like I have an eye for things, so I believe with my lyrics and my vibe I could produce some great videos to incorporate with my songs.

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