Blackjack Love


Exclusive Interview 



What inspires you when you create?  I think just playing random chords or riffs inspire me when creating. Like you might get a sound or an idea you’ve never had before just by noodling.


Top 5 Influences? Jimi Hendrix / Noel Gallagher / Marvin Gaye / Josh Homme / Curtis Mayfield.


New Projects? I have my debut album out now, available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify etc.


What got you into music?  I’ve always been into music. It’s an escape. Ever since I can remember really.


Anything to tell your fans?  Enjoy what makes you happy. Keep pushing. Never stop. Keep the faith.


Goals for 2018? Well 2018 is almost over hahaha. But I’d have to say world domination……musically of course!

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