Walt Arkain

Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? A lot inspires me including other music, my own goals, and other successful artists. Anything artistic really inspires me as well.


Top 5 Influences? Logic was a big influence for my music over the past couple years. Also kendrick lamar, J. Cole and Lil Wayne who are very talented and have taught me a lot about lyrics, rhyme, and lyrical content. Kanye west also heavily influenced me with his production skills. And a few other producers have heavily influenced me such as london on the tracks and zaytoven.


New Projects? I have a project in the works that should be coming out in the next couple months where I’m going to produce the tracks and feature a bunch of different artists from my area. Also, i’ll be heavily producing on Chris Focus’s next project and will be releasing some singles soon as well.


What got you into music? My friends helped me get into music back in high school. Also, listening to Lil Wayne and Eminem really got me into rap and hip-hop. My parents also supported me and my path into music.


Biggest Goals? My biggest goals are working and producing for bigger artists and to release more music. Also to get more shows in the area and farther away. I’m hoping to do more shows out in Boston and maybe even in New York. Another big goal of mine is to upload and sell more beats online.

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