Vøid Boys:



What inspires you the most when you create?


Spooked: I got my fair share of problems, and I think that’s what inspires me the most. Writing about my well-being and my depression gets me through the day, it helps me cooperate. Also seeing people’s comments about how much they like it really get me going. It’s truly a beautiful feeling that people enjoy my songs that are basically written from a not so beautiful state of mind.

Sulac: Obviously by the Xan! No but jokes aside. I get inspired by what I hear and what I live every day. My productions depend on my mood.


Who are your top 5 influences?


Spooked: Brennan Savage, Lil Peep, Terror Reid.

Sulac: Hmm… That’s hard! I think Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Lil Peep, XXXTentacion and the best for last, Spooked. They influence me the most.


When are your new projects coming out?


Spooked: I’m currently working on a EP with my good friend Sulac. It’s in early progress but it will most likely be out before the end of 2018.

Sulac: We don’t have a date for our next EP but we hope to release it before 2019. Stay tuned!


What helped you get into music?


Spooked: I’ve always loved creating music. I wrote acoustic folk songs on my guitar at the age of 14, and throughout the years I’ve gotten more into rap and hip-hop. It wasn’t until early 2018 when I came across Sulac on a website. He uploaded this piano loop which I got a real feeling for. I contacted him and we started working on my latest EP ”No Fortune”. Since then we’ve become really good friends.

Sulac: Like Spooked I’ve always loved creating music. I fell into music in my childhood. I’ve always loved the acoustic side and the beauty of instruments. As a teenager I started to listen to rap which made me want to do it at first and finally to make instrumentals.


What is one thing you would tell your fans?


Spooked: I love each and everyone of you ❤

Sulac: I don’t have many fans, but if I had I would tell them to always do what they want to do in their life. Don’t let anyone decide for you, you’re the best.


What are your biggest goals for 2018?


Spooked: My biggest goal is to finish this EP. I have a good feeling over it. With a bit of luck I might pick up a live-show or two before the year ends

Sulac: Your interview was my biggest goal for this year. Now I can past to another year in peace.

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