Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create?

Energy. It’s all about energy for me. If I haven’t got the energy then I’ll leave it till I do. I need to feel energy from a piece of music to connect with it. If it doesn’t have any, then I can’t be arsed to listen to it. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s soft. Sometimes it’s just braggadocious! Whatever it is it has to be the right energy for it to work. It’s an intangible that you can’t explain but you’ll always feel it when it’s present.

 I haven’t had much time over the last few years to create anything new. I hung the microphone up about 15 years ago and needed to concentrate on my studies. I’ve been studying esoteric wisdom most of my life and needed to start concentrating on that. So just before my 40th birthday I picked up another pair of 1210s and a battle mixer so I could have some creativity between my studies. I like to have lots of different things going on at once so I don’t end up spending too much time on one thing, otherwise you end up burning out when things get stale. I practice a lot of Martial Arts, too, (Karate, Pentjak Silat and Mau Rakau – Maori Weaponry), Martial Arts helps me to focus more, just like the Turntables, it helps you to zone in on the subject at hand and develop a higher level of awareness. I’ve just bought another skateboard, too. That shit teaches you how to fail, fall, and get back up – again and again and again. Something we all need to learn in life – resilience – never giving up until we’ve achieved the thing we want then to move quickly to the next goal and the next goal and the next goal, and to literally keep moving through life like that, constantly meeting your life’s goals and ambitions. This is how you live a life of dreams.

When I was younger I used to spit with a crew back in the UK, we used to write a lot but we were really into “Off the top of the Head”. Which is where we would get a lot of inspiration for writing. When it came to writing tracks, though, I would always write from an emotional perspective. Nobody can ever tell you that you’re lying if you’re writing from your emotional perspective about a subject and you come across real. Instead of just talking shit about guns and bullshit. That’s not my life so I can’t write about that. I came from that era when Public Enemy and Tribe Called Quest hit the scene. So it was all about vibe for me!

I used to smoke too much weed when I was a kid so we never really got that far as a crew – Politics in a crew is never a good thing, neither! We did ok compared to a lot of other crews, we got a P&D Deal with a distributor that was part owned by Mickey Finn so had our own Label, signed with a management team and a few booking agents and did a shitload of live work at the weekends. We even did a “Live Session” for John Peel at the Maida Vale Studios for the BBC, but never got much stuff finished in the studio. We were mainly a “Live Crew”. Studio work can get quite boring. I used to be a partner in a studio in Bermondsey, (South East London), so I know exactly the type of bullshit that happens in a studio. But I always used to have a mic in my backpack so if we ever walked into a bar or a club and there was a decent DJ playing we’d plug in and smack it to pieces. That was the biggest buzz for me. Making sure that you kept the vibe going for 3-4-5 hours straight. If you haven’t got “Energy” and you can’t project that energy down into a mic, then you lose the dance floor. Fuck that – That ain’t me. If I’m on a mic and I’m on your stage then I’m making sure you ain’t leaving til I’m done. If you’re not walking off stage and all your clothes aren’t literally dripping with sweat then you’re not working hard enough.

Here’s a link to some old stuff my old crew used to do. Some of it is 20 years old and it’s all just pre-production stuff that never got finished in the studio. I’ve left that old life behind so don’t have access to anything else, but you’re more than welcome to have a listen to what I have here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9tarstg5wmm5ees/AADzHpRt5dk6JPgh8xT5LqDUa?dl=0

I was always inspired by lyricists that raised the bar. It always made me want to write better and tighter. And by hanging with people who wanted to do the same I was always inspired to try and catch up because I always felt like they were ahead of me, so I always had to work to develop. 

I think my biggest inspiration is my Emotions – When something makes me feel a way, then I’ll have something to say about it, And I just need to sit down and write out what I think about it. All I need is the first line to the first verse. Once I’ve got that the rest will just come to me. It’s almost like a channeling. 

Who are your top 5 influences

Shit man! That’s like asking Jazzy Jeff what his favourite song is or asking a parent which child is their favourite. Hahahaha. 

There you go. There’s one. DJ Jazzy Jeff! He was a DJ before Hip Hop Started. And I love the way he plays. He doesn’t just play Hip Hop. I love the fact that he’ll play all kinds of different music in a set with Hip Hop, like Sade, Nirvana, you name it, if he likes it, he’ll play it. So that has massively influenced me and the way I play. I like to play what I call “the barbecue bounce” – the sort of music you can play at a barbecue that has all different types of people there so you need to have all kinds of music that will fit. And to put it all together the way only a Hip Hop DJ can, with Cuts and Juggles and shit. I like anyone who can project energy whether it’s with Heavy Metal, Techno and even pop. I think that’s a skill.

Bruce Lee – That focus and his philosophical writings on Martial Arts. He’s influenced me since I was a boy – I am Tangata Whenua, (People of the Land – What people mean when they say Maori), I am descended, in this incarnation, from a long line of Head-Hunting Cannibals from a War-Culture. I am Waikato-Tainui from Aotearoa, (The Land of the Long White Cloud, or what you would call New Zealand). I’m Polynesian so war & fighting is in my blood. Traditionally, we never used things like spears or bows and arrows, we used 3/4 length staffs, (Taiaha), and short clubs, (Patu & Mere, etc), so that we could get up close and personal in battles. It forces you to focus more and retain composure when under pressure. It also forces you to conquer fear, which is something we all need to learn how to do in this life.

Rodney Mullen. Just watch this and you’ll understand why – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYi6LDvtjTo – Like I was saying earlier about constantly getting back up after failure.

Jaques Fresco from the Venus Project. A man that has been trying to make the world better since the 70’s. Not really an influence but definitely someone I’d like to chat to at a dinner party – Come on man, I’m an old man now, we do shit like that when you get older!

Alright, back on track with influences. REDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s fucking Raw!!!!!!!! He can cut, too! What else do I need to say???? 

Africa Bambaataa. For bringing all the elements together to help youth move from gang violence into Unity. We need more of this now man! Hip Hop has been raped man. Sometimes it feels like she’s dying on us. It used to be about Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. Now it’s all about dickheads walking around wearing fucking diamonds like they’re crossdressers! My wife wears the diamonds in our house!

Anyone who does more than one element of Hip Hop! You can’t really call yourself Hip Hop if you’re just an MC. Not in my eyes, anyway. These days most people are using this art we call Hip Hop for a celebrity game which is bullshit.

What’s with the name, 616, does it actually mean anything?

It’s Future Human DNA. Currently, everybody that you know has 6 protons, 6 electrons & 6 neutrons in their DNA – Carbon Man. The 666 of the bible. Nobody on this planet was born a Human. To be become a Human takes a lot of fucking work. Everyone is an “animal” until they’ve put in the work to become a Human – 616. This is why Christian pastors and vicars call “people” sheep that need to be guided. The buddhists say the Human-Animal. I prefer what the Gnostics say, the Man-Like-Animal. Like a man, but nothing but a fucking Animal! The proverbial “Bull in a China Shop” that fucks everything up and doesn’t even bother to look back at the mess it’s made because it’s a stupid fucking animal. Turn on the news and look at any history book and you’ll have your proof. Everyone is acting like a stupid fucking animal and needs to learn to grow the fuck up. Have a look here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dna-re-programming-666-616-ali-d-pour It’s what Shakespeare meant when he wrote “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”.

In the dropbox link to the music, I’ve left some info on how to take the first steps.

How did your Maori culture help influence you and your music?

Maori culture is heavily influenced by performing arts. In the Wharenui on the Marae, (Tribal Meeting Houses), certain people are trained in oratory – standing in front of everyone from your own tribe and important visitors to tell the stories of our ancestors and our histories. We have schools that teach Haka, (Dances used for war and greetings, etc), and Waiata, (Songs that pass on history and esoteric wisdom from our ancestors), Mau Rakau, (Martial Arts that teach the path of the Double Edged Weapon – again, more esoteric wisdom passed on from our ancestors). Our culture is heavily, heavily influenced by our ancestors!! My ancestors have been talking high level science for hundreds and thousands of years, we’re just waiting for you and your dickhead scientists to catch up.

Check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgU-RWQ4J7o

I left New Zealand when I was 1.5 years old so never grew up around it. But was hungry for it. So spent years trying to study as much as I could on my own. So I never had “the Maori beaten out of me” like a lot of Maori kids. Colonisation badly affected our people so a lot of mothers in, recent history, thought it would be better for their children to grow up with a western upbringing. It’s only in recent years that there has been an upsurge in people wanting to reconnect with their tribal roots and old ways.  It wasn’t until I decided to go back to my Maori ways that my life started to get better. 

The early part of my life as a child was a fucking nightmare. If it wasn’t for my Step-Dad, who wanted me to have a better life, I would have hung myself by the time I was 10 years old. He was “The Greatest Man I Ever Knew”, a real fucking man who gave me so many opportunities. Every morsel of food that touched my lips, every roof that covered my head, every piece of clothing that touched my back, every Martial Art lesson I ever had, every musical instrument I ever owned, was paid for by that man. And I will be eternally grateful for having him in my life. He tried to put a smile on my face every single day and I wish the world had more men like him. We lost him to Cancer 11th September 1995. But luckily, because I’m Maori, I know that he’s only over the other side of the veil so I talk to him everyday and he guides me all the time in my life journey which is a massive help when things get rough!! I’ve developed my psychic abilities over the years so can hear his voice in my head and see him in my minds eye whenever I need help with anything.  

I came back to New Zealand in my forties and because most Maori have been ravaged by colonization a lot of them look at me as a “white-boy” and think I’m a coconut. There’s a Carver at the Treaty of Waitangi grounds who thinks I’ve got white eyes. But these people are just domesticated dogs who don’t even realise that I know more about being Maori than they do. Half of these dickheads can’t even speak English properly. Hahahaha. And they’re all skintbo’s that dress like bums so they don’t even bother me – I just leave them to rot where they stand. Hahahaha.

When are your new projects coming out?

I’m just about to move from Waiheke Island to the West Coast of New Zealand in a months time and I’m going to spend the rest of the year with my wife trying to relax a bit. We’ve just had three years of the most incredible amount of bullshit happen to us so we need a bit of time to regroup and get ourselves back to solid ground. We’re moving to an Eco Sanctuary near Lions Rock in Piha, so we’re going to be living surrounded by native bush and wildlife – It’s going to be fucking amazing. Lots of meditating, surfing, chilling on the beach and clean living.

I’m going to start dropping new mixes on Mixcloud next year. And start planning an Online Radio Station. I’ve been talking to DJs like DJ Woody and others about it for years. It’s a station that’s only for unsigned artists – on a global level so we can all get access to stuff like French & Brazilian Hip Hop, etc – People that are grinding on their own without Record Labels. Anyone who is signed is banned. That way we can help promote indie artists without getting caught up with Licensing bullshit from third parties and any money we can generate will go straight to the artist instead of Major Label Record Execs and Publishing Houses. Every DJ I know has a favourite MC from their hometown that doesn’t seem to ever get anywhere but they’re always amazingly skilled on a mic, but nobody is ever going to get a chance to hear any of their music if we as DJs don’t get a chance to put it out there for the world to hear. So this will be a chance for us to contribute some decent music to a world that is flooded with so much wack bullshit.

I’m hoping to start working with kids in 2019, too! I came out of Jail in 2009 and my wife asked me to retire from work in 2015 to concentrate even more on my studies and do more charity work, as I’ve got a bit more “upstairs” than the average joe. I used to have problems with Rage and Anger and have a violent history with a criminal record for drugs and violence – The British Home Office say I’m a danger to the public, (the Useless Fucking Dickheads!), and they gave me a Multi Agency Public Protection Act rating which can mess some people up when they get released. I’m a West Ham fan, too, so I love a good tear up! Hahahaha. But through my history I’ve managed to learn some really valuable lessons that I think I can communicate in a way that kids today can understand. I’ve learned “A LOT OF SHIT” over a series of lifetimes and I’m hoping to be able to pass on some of my learnings to the next generation. They’re the ones that will have to clear the mess left by the generations before. 

I do a lot of coaching and some work with victims of bullying at the moment so I’ll be carrying on that shit as long as it’s needed. I am the “Dan Pena” of the Consciousness world and make Warriors out of Snow-flakes.

And I’m looking for kids that want to get into b-boying and need a DJ! Anything like that I just do for free. Like the Mighty Zulu Kingz say: “Each One Teach One”. I fucking love that shit! My Dad was a massive, massive protector who always looked out for the kids who were having trouble with “Dodgy Parents” in my neighbourhood. I used to come home from nights out drinking to find kids in sleeping bags in our living room because my Dad had heard kids screaming in the middle of the night so went and, literally, kicked their front door in. He was a proper hard bastard and would boot the bottom hinge so the doorframe would give in and he be in there and chin everyone, then tell the kids, “Come on you lot, we’re going camping”! And give them all sleeping bags, bars of chocolate and bottles of coke and let them chill in front of the Telly! Turns out he wasn’t just my hero! There’s a few people out there who wouldn’t be around today if wasn’t for my Dad!

I’ve been asked to write a book about my life so being in Piha will give me the chance to concentrate on that, too. I tried starting it last year but it was too much of an emotional thing for me to do at the time. But it’s something I’d really like to do. I want to use it to tell the stories about my Dad and all the hard-fucking-graft he put in so that I could become the man I am today. He was a Real-Fucking-Man. He could pick my Mum up with one hand and never raised a hand to her, ever, regardless of how nasty she could be! 

What helped you get into music?

If it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t be alive today. I suffered with depression all of my childhood life. I didn’t know that back then, obviously. But when you look back at an older age you start to realise things about your past. I was tormented by a narcissistic mum which gave me some real challenges in life. Challenges that I’ve managed to overcome, so now in a sense, I kind of look at her now as one of my biggest teachers. If that makes any sense? My wife reckons my mum gave me the balls I’ve got today. Hahahaha. Gotta love her, though.  she may have a violent temper – Her Dad shouted and screamed at her as a kid – but she also has a massive heart and always looks out for the old people and underdogs in her street! I fucking love that about her! And my little sister loves her to bits, so she can’t be all that bad.

At an early age I managed to tap into the emotional side of sound. Certain sounds can trigger different feelings and emotions so If I woke up in a bad mood I always knew what records would put a smile on my face. So after years of using music as an emotional crutch it was only a matter of time before I wanted to be a DJ and wanting to make music.

So I suppose trauma was something that helped me get into music. Kind of like Echart Tolle who says it was major longterm depression that helped him reach a high level of enlightenment. Kind of crazy, ae!! But this universe in which we live is built on octaves. Actually, all the interwoven universes are built on octaves. Music is the fucking language of the soul man! I’m so deep in esoteric knowledge that when I look back at my life it was inevitable that I’d end up being so into music. The spirit world told me recently that I shouldn’t give up messing with Hip Hop as I grow older now, as it’s one of the things that’s kept me alive. Which is why I set up a mixcloud account.

Music, especially Hip Hop, or rather, rap records, have lifted my soul out of so much shit in my life, I’ll always have music around me til the day I die!

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Kia Ora!

We use this saying in New Zealand as a greeting. We also use it to say thank you or for saying “Cheers” over a drink, etc. But it means “Be Life” I would tell anyone who wants to listen “BE THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT TO BE, NOT THE LIFE THAT EVERY OTHER DICKHEAD AROUND YOU WANTS YOU TO BE”

Make your own decisions in life and don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes. Make as many mistakes as you can – this is how we learn better ways. Think about Eddison and the light bulb – 10,000 attempts!

There is a Maori Proverb which states: 

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”. 

Which just sounds like a lovely saying, right? But there are always deeper levels of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding to find in any proverb – If you spend too much time “looking for the sun” then the shadow aspects of your psychology will be stuck “behind you”. You need to integrate those shadow aspects into your being or they will cause havoc in your life until you turn back around to face the darkness – It’s all about balance. As Waikato-Tainui, the Rainbow, (Uenuku), is our God of War. When you are looking at a Rainbow then the sun is at your back and you are looking straight at the darkness. When you can face your fears and run straight at the darkness with everything you have and without flinching you learn so much about yourself and you always come out on top. This is what our warriors used to do on the battle field. Think about the buddhists trying to separate their head from their body in meditation. This is what we do in battle in order to remain calm when everything is fucking chaos – Fighting is Meditation if you know what you’re doing. There is a balance to everything in life. You just need to find your own way to balance. Don’t ask for advice from someone who has no money and has not achieved anything with their life – all you’re going to get is bollocks. Qualify your information and make sure it comes from credible sources!

Just make sure you’re living YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY. If you’ve got problems in your life, it’s your fault, and it’s your opportunity to learn how to fix it. You make life as hard as you want or as easy as you want. Don’t ask dickheads for advice – read books. I’ve read more books than any university student you know. But I’ve never paid for a qualification. That’s for knob heads. Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding doesn’t come from a University. All the worlds biggest problems were caused by highly educated cunts from the biggest universities on this planet. It wasn’t uneducated peasants that invented genetically modified seeds to feed to your kids or nuclear weapons or sent millions of people into war across the globe, was it? And the highly educated cunts were never on the front-lines of any war. Stop paying for worthless education from worthless education systems. Just get on the internet. It has everything you need to learn about anything you want. A Degree from a University is just going to ensure you get raped by an employer for the next 40 years of your life. Learn how to become self-employed and learn how to avoid tax – not tax evasion, that’s illegal. But tax avoidance is what an accountant will advise you on. Hahahaha!! Stop paying taxes that feed the bastards that rape you, man!!!

And stop voting for Paedophiles! Every child ever born has been fucked in the arse by a political system. Break down the word government  – Govern-Ment – Govern your own mental processes! Your government is doing it for you. Learn to govern your own mental processes and you won’t need to live your life mistakenly thinking the governments are here to look after you – They never have and never will!

And just be fucking happy & look after each other man! This is what Hip Hop is! We all go and Battle for Bragging Rights, but still have a chance to come back next week, alive, to do the same thing again. Being Gangster ain’t Hip Hop. Being Gangster is Gangster. Being Hip Hop is being better & stronger than yesterday. Being something that counts. Being something that matters. You matter! Your life matters! Every Life Matters! Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun are the four cornerstones of Hip Hop! Become those cornerstones and watch what happens to your life! I promise you dreams can and do come true. I am living, breathing proof that dreams come true. I come from an indigenous culture that has been raped and I’ve been to an AA Cat High Security Prison! (HMP Belmarsh – Houseblock 1), and I retired at the age of Forty! Have a think about that and decide what dreams you want to achieve and when you want to retire, then fucking go for it! And don’t fucking stop until you’ve done it! Or I’ll come round your house and give you a stern telling off like I was your Mum! Hahahaha!

So remember! Kia Ora – Be Life! – #MoreLoveMorePower

What are your biggest goals for 2018?

Biggest goal for this year is to get to Piha. Piha was a sacred healing spot before the Europeans colonised this country. A couple of years ago my wife’s family all attacked her for marrying a brown man. My Brother-in-Law is an 8th Degree Rosicrucian member of the SRIA and a Master Mason, (Rosicrucians & Mason’s Raped my country), and they all let their jealousy, judgemental bullshit and racism blind them. My wife and I lived like millionaires. And they didn’t like it and went on the attack. So we just packed four bags and fucked off. I gave the keys to our house to my pal and told him to take anything he wanted. So he took my Car, (Merc, Kompressor), our tellys and computers and literally anything worth nicking. We drove my wife’s car, (Brand new 2016 Audi), to Heathrow Airport and left it in the car park with the keys in the ignition and got on a plane and fucked off. Went to Thailand first and chilled out in South East Asia. Made our way to the Pacific. Spent three months in Vanuatu and a few other places like Noumea and Fiji. 19 flights later we made it to Aotearoa and have been here since.

My Wife’s family are all pathetic fucking skintbo dickheads that had to apply for mortgages to buy their houses. And their mortgages are 500% more than their houses are worth and they’re going to spend the next 30 years paying those mortgages off. Hahahaha! Anyone who knows anything about wealth will tell you that a house that’s being paid off via a mortgage is not an asset, it’s a liability. Only dickheads buy houses with mortgages. Hahahaha. An asset is something that you buy outright with cash so you own it outright from the start – Only then is it an asset. So make sure you all rent for twenty years while saving so you don’t have to pay for the repair and maintenance costs that come with owning houses until you’ve got the money to do it. With renting comes freedom. Freedom to move whenever and wherever you want. Freedom is an asset. Don’t waste your money on a mortgage. Use your money for your dreams – Your life!

But after their attack, my wife was left traumatised by it all and it’s taken a lot of coaching to get her through it. So we’re going to spend this Christmas celebrating the fact that we’ve come through it all and start rebuilding our lives. 

So my turntables are getting set up in the middle of a native bush! It’s going to be fucking amazing man! We’re gonna be raving in the jungle like the Spiral Tribe parties back in the UK in the 90’s, but with better music. Hahahaha.

Anyone reading any of this might probably well think, what the fuck has all this esoteric shit & bullshit got to do with Music & Hip Hop. But at the end of the day, our life experiences will colour our tastes in music. And Hip Hop is a conscious movement born out of our struggle for freedom and equality in an unfair world. I am Hip to your Hop! I am conscious of your manoeuvres.

Please allow me to leave you with something to ponder:

Ap-Kali-Ypse, Anathema, (Dedicated to the unborn).

The problem with devils: is they mistakenly think they are human, and will profess to your face to be angels, whilst looking at you through the eyes of a demon

So, let me talk about the mysteries,

the miracles, the seam or the mythical

representations, the parables, 

the ritual as the book of the resurrection, 

or did they mean the book of revelation, 

they’re focusing on distant constellations, 

for six thousand years they’ve fooled every congregation, 

of every nation, deception with the silent word 

means that you don’t know what you’re praying,

transliteration changed the meanings of the sayings,

the names, the places, the origins of races, the falling of the righteous, 

the breaking of the principles, the writing of the books,

and no-one ever looks, and ALL of your great men are nothing but crooks,

I’ve got, pages of proof, c’os I can take the trees right back to the roots,

and I can see the symbols for what they really are,

I’ve seen the warning of the Sun of the Morning Star,

See that symbolic ring of fire around the equator?

Now understand the mindset of human behaviour,

punch numerics of the alphabet into my calculator,

Aah, Beh, Aleph, Bah, Alpha, Beta,

hit the equals button and it’s coming up with 6,

and place it with the 66 books of your Bibles,

now realise your learning from the devil’s manuscripts,

and everything they’ve ever taught you all your life was bullshit,

the alpha to omega, the cancer to the capricorn,

the birth and rebirth and the lifting of the veil,

which is openly displayed in art, poems and plays,

since monolithic times, even up to modern days,

so choose which way, hold tight & be persistent,

it’s a long road to travel so prepare for the distance,

watch for the lies they told you in the first instance,

imprisoned in a state of mind which hinders your existence,

As I travel through this matrix you can call me neo-phyte.

I project my energy, battling an inner-fight,

but experience of life is that which brings the inner light,

developing the soul and focusing the inner sight,

on reaching the quintessence, in it’s purest essence,

which radiates the soul with a natural effervescence,

initiated in a way of esoteric lessons,

I travel through this maze while everybody else is guessing,

I meditate the meanings of the symbols in the seasons,

and the separation of the morning from the evening,

and the lunar cycles represented in your breathing,

I elevate my thinking to the realms above I’m seeking,

so, celebrate your lives, evaluate the teachings,

and understand the value of the words with which your speaking,

paying close attention to co-incidental meetings,

now realise the reasons of the lies with which they’re preaching,

Now I understand the past, now I understand the present,

now I know exactly where your stinking future’s heading,

I try to stay balanced like the Moon & Sun,

My inner-tide rides the waves of the energy that comes,

the guiding force is telepathic, the energy’s magnetic,

I’m focusing my thoughts to break from symbolic habits,

I keep myself aligned to stay away from their Magik

and all these dickheads talking shit, are nothing but pathetic!

The way of Ahimsa is only half of the story,

The way of the warrior is a way of love & protection,

The Bhagavad Gita talks of balancing the two

The choice of any way, 

is simply 

down to you.

Understand the universe and you’ll understand yourself.

Know yourself and know the Gods!

But are you actually capable?

Or will you continue wasting love on ingrates?

Te Arohanui

(With Love)

(Kia Kaha, Whanau)

Be Strong, Family)

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