1. Exclusive Interview 


    What is your inspiration to create? Definitely hearing new music styles that are out of the norm. Whenever I hear a new style I really enjoy, it usually leads to a new song.

    Who are your top influences? I listen to a vast variety of genres, In one day I can go from rap/hip-hop to classic rock. I would say right now my biggest influences are Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Childish Gambino, and Post Malone.

    New Projects? I actually have a new song coming out the 30th called Vibin On You and I am very excited for everyone to hear it. It will be available on every major platform. My next big project to tackle is getting my live show put together, so stay tuned!

    What got you into music?  Definitely my dad when he used to take me to concerts. Seeing live shows are why really made me want to pursue  a music career, so at the age of 13 I started learning guitar. During highschool I played bass in a band for a few years called Static Wonder. After the band had broken up due to all of us going to different colleges, I started messing around on my own making beats.

    Anything to say to your fans? I would just like to thank my fans, and anyone who has taken the time to listen to my music. It means more than you will ever know.

    Biggest Goals of 2018? Biggest goals to finish out this year is to release as much music as possible, and be ready to play live shows by early 2019

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