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Exclusive Interview



What inspires you when you create? What inspires me the most is myself… especially when I create music because I can give you all of me and what I’m about/Music I think its inspirational to be able to record and create music the way I want it to sound and listeners to hear…


Top 5 Influences? My TOP 5 influences 50 Cent Snoop Dogg Wiz Khalifa Chris Brown Trey Songs Also Joe,Omarion Ginuwine and more


New Projects? I have a couple new projects dropping soon I also just dropped my new single on SoundCloud titled RoughDraft


What got you into music? I have always loved music since I was a kid I just recently the last few years started to get REALLY serious about it even tho I’m still struggling with being able to put out more than what I have already it’s still a blessing to have came THUS far with interviews and being able to speak on Them And talk about my advances and goals


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I will tell my FANS and listeners hearing on radios since I first started…. THANK YOU all that have supported me since day one thank you all that has actually gave me a compliment on my music thank you all that have told me keep your head up during rough times and just keep recording and continuing your grind…


Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goal for 2018 is to Better then I was last year and that’s dealing with anything in life not just music anything you going through anything that has happened with you or anybody just be different and try to be better nobody is perfect but we all can be better if we try including myself…

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