1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires me the most when I create? My biggest inspiration has to be my mom man. We didn’t ever see eye to eye and she would kick me out. But she was always there when everyone left when I got locked up she was the only one to visit. Going through all that I watched her work and raise me and my brother pretty much by herself. She used to get me from school when I got suspended and I’d have to sit at her work shit was crazy but she taught me a lot and was always in my corner. My parents didn’t come from money they busted there asses to have what they have today. Seeing that makes you hungry. Same time my brothers my gs Shatti tommy Wavez baby bounce smurks calico King no luv. I’d die for these people. You feel me so when I go in the booth or to write I just think what we came from what were moving towards and I just am trying to sow them there’s better I don’t wanna loose any more people on my side. So I’m always inspired Ima die for this dream.

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be baby bounce okm shit all day ya heard!!! Shy glizzy you know I been following him for years real shit he talkin. lil herb al other way to grown g-herbo he really out here preaching what we see. That also falls into mozzy and 03 tied you know there blowing up now but defiantly real and that’s shit I look for In a influence and of course my biggest is jay z been istenin to him since a kid momz bought me the black album one year and my mind or blown he made me fall in love with rap.

    New Projects? My new projects I defiantly been cooking I have a album out of state traffickin feat jay smallz and stvckz produced and engineered by monstarr which if you fro jersey amboy you know you got a real one in him. Truely official went jersey to work on it but I still have 3 tracks left I’ll prob finish With my people so look for that in December. A whole new flow mind changing see the growth in the music

    What got you into music? My main man calico crook makes beats and was letting people record in his studio. So he just had me in there al day everyday Trying not to violate with my po. If you ask me he saved my life when I got out by putting my shit into music. But the my man Baby bounce from Gardena. DENA! Used to take me to the studio with him when he was not on the block so I first flowed with him bullin just playin at the time. But my people always around music you know I meet big fase 100 was in a video with them so I been around music just decided to hop in ad take off

    Anything to tell your fans? I’d tell my fans that I love them each and everyone if you listen or fuck with my music you a real one I always appreciate the love making its never the goal for me I’m doing this I want everyone to escape into music like I do and just know shit real people go thru shit as bad as your day is someone went thru worse I just try and paint my mood of what I’m seeing and living

    Goals for 2018? I’m not even looking at 2018 honestly me we got new music and a bunch of videos to drop so I’m looking fresh man XXL next year. My people not starving all that I’m taking no prisoners next year top off bouta go buzirk real shit all day I’m on a be a household name just know ima stay real

    Anything to tell your fans? I wanna take this time to also say thank you for likin my music and asking me to do this I really appreciate it 

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