Exclusive Interview  What inspires you the most when you create?  What inspires me the most to make music is my need to express myself and what I feel by any means and I currently music feel the best way to do so Top 5 Influences? My top five influences in regards to music definitely have … More isaias

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Exclusive Interview     What inspires you when you create? What inspires me the most is myself… especially when I create music because I can give you all of me and what I’m about/Music I think its inspirational to be able to record and create music the way I want it to sound and listeners … More Yung Links


Exclusive Interview      Interview how do your Caribbean roots effect your music? Well I don’t take things for granted. I know how hard my mother worked to get to the United States. So for me I don’t like to waste time and also can’t be fake. It’s like you take me as I am … More Sincurr


  Exclusive Interview  What inspires me the most when I create? My biggest inspiration has to be my mom man. We didn’t ever see eye to eye and she would kick me out. But she was always there when everyone left when I got locked up she was the only one to visit. Going through … More OneTake