1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you when you create?  So what inspires me the most when I create is the vibe and energy I am feeling. There’s nothing like clicking on all cylinders while creating it’s a dope feeling.

    Top 5 influences? My top five influences are John Mayer, Al Green, Jimi Hendrix, Teddy Pendergrass, and my pops

    New Project? I’m gonna be starting a new project very soon set to release this winter if all goes well

    What got you into music? My pops got me into music training me at a very young age. He gave me every opportunity to learn whatever instrument I wanted.

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing Id like to say to my fans is thank you guys so much for the support throughout all these years. Hearing your feedback, seeing your comments, and feeling the appreciation you all give me keeps me going

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goal for 2018 is to develop my craft even further and work with more creatives like myself to create some dope music

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