Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create? Unconditional search for any kind of new knowledge in the broadest sense is what inspires me the most when I create. Specifically in regards to what I’m working on lately, I would say that my main source of inspiration is deeply rooted in my lifelong and constant struggle with emotions, feelings, insecurities, fears in the context of relationships with others, as well as disorders affecting modern society which is under the spell of technology. I’ve always perceived myself as a keen observer of human behavior and trying to understand the psyche of that specific person and how they react to a certain situation becomes the key element for my recent project. In addition to this, I have to say that I have a thing for neon lights, magazine covers, clothes and clubs – these things never fail to inspire me for a new beat.


Who are your top 5 influences At the top of this chart we have the legendary Miss Britney Spears, no doubt. I’ve been a fan of her since I was 6 – that is to say since she bust out in the scene. Her infectious bubblegum pop songs either made any of us dance along or have feels. I bet there’s nobody in this world who has never burst into a tune of her out of nowhere. You can listen to her music anytime. You’re driving? Britney fits the context. You’re doing the housework? Britney fits the context. You’re having a party with your friends? Britney fits the context. Plus, many artists have been trying to make impressions and imitations of her voice, but it sounds and is unique. She is unique. Then we have my second love Lady Gaga, for sure. I remember getting to know about her and her music months before she officially made her debut, thanks to the internet. Not to mention her crazy looks and the message of love and equality she is still working hard to spread, I’ve been feeling a strong spiritual connection to the artist during her ‘The Fame Monster’ era: the production, the lyrics, everything sounded and felt like the perfect soundtrack for my personal struggle against my teen monsters I’m still fighting today. In my twenties, I discovered Marina and the Diamonds and she instantly became an influence of mine, especially for songwriting. I remember she made a statement – in an interview for her second album ‘Electra Heart’ – about wanting to become “goth Britney Spears”, so I guess it’s no wonder that she became one of my favorites. Last but not least, we have Röyksopp and Timbaland – if it comes to music production, but I would definitely pick more.


When are your new projects coming out? This sounds like a one million dollar question, haha. I recently finished producing 13 tracks I want to and need to shape into an album, from the depths of my heart, but I’m still writing the lyrics to them and it usually takes A LOT for me to feel satisfied with my work. I’d say I’ll try my utmost to release the album in the second half of 2019. But my first single is planned to come out next month on Spotify, iTunes, etc. so… You’ll have to wait and see! I think I might release a second single in December, probably. Who knows! By the way, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with an independent vaporwave artist – bl00dwave – so I’m working as a co-producer for his next record. Neither of us currently knows when the project will see the light of day, actually. But we’re experimenting!


What helped you get into music?I have never felt that something helped me get into music, actually, as it has been a predominant part of my life since I had memory. My sisters were huge fans of Madonna and Michael Jackson in the 80’s, and pop music in general. I remember singing songs together, so I’d go with the fact that this probably helped me enhance my relationship with music.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? If there are any, haha. Just an advice that stems from recent earnings. Master the cards you’re holding. And get inspired in and by everything you do in your everyday life, even when it comes to things that seems silly to most people. Always taking into account respect towards and mindfulness of others.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? Improve my songwriting skills, learn effectively how to make my singing voice sound better, get a record deal – here in Japan, possibly

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