1. Exclusive Interview 

    What inspires you the most when you create? What inspires me is the possibility of Giving my daughter and 2 fraternal twin boys everything I never got to have while growing up. I never want them to have to worry about some of the things a lot of our youth had to worry about, including me and my siblings. I like to be able to touch people by having listeners relate to my struggle through my music. I want to show them that if I can come out of poverty then anyone can. When you work hard enough and make the right moves you can change your position in life. I want to give back to all communities.

    Top 5 Influences ? My top 5 influencers in the music industry are Wayne,UGK, The Underground music scene as a whole, the album “Mista DONT Play” by Project Pat/w 3 6 mafia last but not least Kevin Gates inspires me.  I’d have to say they all inspired me and I had listened to them since I can remember being conscious and I continue to listen.

    New Projects? CoeMoney CoeProblems will be officially released in January 2019

    Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans I F***ing love them and I am fans of them as well. Also I’d thank them with everything for everything and

    Goals for 2018? my goal of 2018 is to get in a better position to help people who are less fortunate and poverty stricken. Also to work with Wayne. Lol

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