Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you to create? When I create my musik my past inspires me the most and the shit I had to do just to get money cause where I’m from it’s too much basic living or you just don’t got it


Top 5 Influences? My influences are Chris Brown,Bryson Tiller,Tory Lanez ,Travis Scott,Justin Bieber


New Projects? I’m planning on dropping a project near October really tryna stack up on music and videos and pictures etc then promote .


What got you into music?  Losing my two brothers one was a artist just like me and the other was my lil bro he played sports after that I had to step it up and bring my art out ! Then I met my bros “ The Mood “ and they put me on some shit .


Anything to tell your fans?  S/o 2 my fans and to the ones becoming my fans promise I won’t disappoint new music coming soon !


Biggest Goals for 2018?  My biggest goal for 2018 is to get more people to feel my music and know I’m here with something to prove …

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