Cameron Daniels



Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you the most when you create?  The songwriting & arrangement process inspires me really, the opportunity to paint a picture the way I see it or feel it should be presented to the world, excites me the most. I’m very competitive person & I don’t think alot of my peers, put much time into their writing  process or arrangement process, understanding the depths of creativity & how crucial the writing & arrangement process is for you to excel properly. The goal is not to make a good song like everyone else & its forgotten in weeks, the goal is to be able to make a great song, that stands the test of time & everyone can relate too or a least enjoy, which helps u be able to build ur own independently. Music is a blessing, don’t matter what type of lifestyle you live or want to portray, give it your best creatively & consider all approaches to painting your picture positively, I think that makes u a true artist & sets you apart from others


Top 5 Influences? I would have to say Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Prince, Musiq Soulchild, & Timberland, the work timberland did with Aayliah & Ginuwine is up there in my list, I would love to work with him on a song or project.


New Projects? I have this new project called “Better Than Before” I been working on, scratching ideas, restarting lol & now I finally feel I have a concept & approach for the project. I was trying to do the rapper singing thing on more alternative trappy beats & put some tracks out but trash them. I just felt I was doing a disservice to myself by trying to water down my music. Proper communication is key & we have this saying here in Chicago called God Body, many of us can adapt to different style of music, slang & language, but I felt instead of trying to fit in there world, just bring them into mines, plus I can really sing lol I want that to be clear, I’m not like these other guys with this technology enhancements. I really do this, but my new project should be out sometime  FALL 2018 hopefully.

What got you into music? My family, my grandfather was a pastor & had his own church, I grew up in Chicago going to church every Sunday with my mom & dad. My whole family is musically inclined singers & musicians. One of my older cousin is doing his thing right now independently as a r&b artist. R.Kelly was at his last show he threw here recently in Chicago. He also sung background for a big time gospel artist name Donald Lawrence. So after seeing my cousin hit all these strides I really can say that at a young age it was family but as I got older he really inspired me to do this for real & make a name for myself as a artist independently & create my own lane & business.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? That I am true example of high artistry at it finest, r&b is not easy, but I feel I am the best example of how a singer can create his own representation of who he or she is & be able to have people play there music in any setting, at ur job, your car, your house, party, bedroom, whatever & still  make it enjoyable. study me & this how you blend all what’s going on & still make it different & true to you. They saying r&b dead, we’ll just watch how I flip this, great example I have a song called “Pop No Pills” out. It has so much depth & I just feel it’s doesn’t sound like anything my peers in r&b a least, are doing. I feel my approach is very creatively & different, I’m very proud of that song, there’s much more to come.


Biggest Goals? My biggest goal is to finish this project & get more attention towards my music, I still don’t feel people are seeing what I’m on over here, I still feel that people are sleep & that’s because I don’t really have a full length project out just singles , or no co signs etc no one is really giving me looks on what I have out, I have submitted to a few Chicago blogs here in Chicago, but it’s politics with this stuff, no one wants to break a artist any more & build a relationship, they rather win off of the artist hard work, which is find if the artist is being compensated & the artist truly benefits properly, but it just sucks that these more establish platforms are not rushing to premiere & break these true Artists like myself but rather premiere artists with hype & they core fan base might not know anything about real music & creatively, just thirst for adrenaline highs, sorry to say it. These platforms chase the streets too much & I guess They think they are credible because of lil Ray Ray, it sounds to me they are really culture vultures, platforms should be more focus on credibility, with credibility comes opportunity & with opportunity comes real financial gain, I think a great platform is Soulection, I hope to reach there airwaves soon & let’s not forget your platform as well, you guys are on your way with this approach, thank you for the feature, let’s have a continue relationship & build, much success to you guys.

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