Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? I pull inspiration from everywhere from past experiences and even experiences of my friends and family. When I was younger writing music I thought I’d run out out of things to say or not be able to come up with anything. As I’ve gotten older I’ve experience more of the world. Also seeing everybody putting in work for this music also drive me to keep going.


Top 5 Influences? that’s a tough one they have definitely changed as I matured as an an artist but I’ll tell the the 5 that made me want to start writing music. No Order : Eminem, Kanye, Andre 3000, Kid cudi, Lupe fiasco. Drake is definitely up there now for influences but he wasn’t around in the beginning.


New Projects? As for new projects, I dont have one set in stone I have about 4 to 5 project ideas that I want to work towards. As of right now I have about 30+ singles recorded, out of those 30 I will probably end up putting a couple of those together and releasing a project.


What got you into music? Off the bat it has to be my 2 brothers JJ and Marcus. They both love hip hop and because I was with them so often all the time I just started to fall in love with the stories they would tell, the meaning behind songs and the beef that was taking place. They both came from different sides of hip hop. JJ taught me the rougher side of hip hop the early Compton wave along side artist like Krs1, method man and the clan. Marcus taught me more of the melodic side of hip hop with artist like Mr.3000 and Kanye. He also played a lot of Jay Z, but who doesn’t. They both are invested in my music today, if I make anything they deem trash they are sure to let me know.


Anything to tell your fans? I would want to tell my fans THANK YOU, you are the reason I am able to keep doing music and keep doing shows outside my city because you are the one buying the tickets, you are the ones singing the lyrics. Every like or share has helped me grow and I don’t want for a second for you to think that it goes by unnoticed or that its insignificant. It’s very much the opposite, I run all my own social media accounts and I see everyone that supports and I’ll never forget who was here all along. Thank you so much. Let’s keep it going though we have along way to go and we only get there together.


My Biggest Goal of 2018? My biggest goal of 2018 is to get on all major streaming services and drop another project as well as many singles. Also many collabs, so much of my music is just me, and there nothing wrong with that I just want to branch out.There still so much of 2018 left, and I am fully prepared to take advantage of that time.

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