Ron Smirnov

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Ron Smirnov is an artist and producer based in Israel, who makes alternative music, he’s studying production for over two years, his music touches subject that are considered taboo. He’s now working on his first EP, his first single titled “oblivion” is about insecurities and about dealing with social encounters.



What inspires you the most when you create? just the idea of creating something new drives me, I think that by creating new content, and different content, I can tell my story and share what’s on my mind. When I create I tend to focus on my personal stories, and tell those stories in a different way, I can safely say that my music has kept my mind at its best state, better that any psychiatrist would.


Top 5 Influences? Lady Gaga: That may seem weird because the music that I’m making is different than hers, but I fell like she was the one who introduced me the way of creating music and combining that with a point of view, she’s such a genuine person and she has made and is continuing to make statements. SZA: When I think of good RnB I think of her, everything that she puts out is a masterpiece, and you can see that its genuine and real, she’s so down to earth and so humble and didn’t let fame get into her head, she’s just perfection. Amy Winehouse: Her music is like magic, seriously. She embodies something that no one will be able to copy, she brings out her emotions in the realest way, and she can make you feel what she’s feeling, she wasn’t afraid of what people thought about her and was like that until the end. Frank Ocean: He is a different type of artist, his songs are conceptual and hit right where they should, every song he makes has a different statement and he is one of the most talented singers out there Lana Del Rey: Lana has some sort of an aura around her, something about her music just attracts you, her themes are different than what most of the musicians seem to bring out, she is a legend.


New Projects?  So I’m shooting the music video for Oblivion this month, it should come out until September, The second single is still in the making but I’m pretty sure it will come out until October. I’m working on my debut EP right now, it has a variety of genres.


What got you into music? Ever since I was a child I knew that I wanted to make music, It was my safe zone and what kept me going. But when I really began to pursue my dream was a facebook post made by a really talented artist in Israel seeking for production students.


Anything to tell your fans? to the people who support me, pay attention to the subjects I choose to talk about, and if you liked my materials, spread it out, so other people could hear them too, and enjoy them as you did.


Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goal for 2018 is to reach out to as many people as I can, be better at what I’m doing and bring out my story. I would also love to work on some materials with different artist, and maybe perform somewhere.

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