Exclusive Interview 

I=Inztinct B=Backwudz


What inspires you the most when you create?

I- As cliché as it sounds man, its gotta be hands down my daughter. I honestly had givin up on music, and was out of the scene for almost 7 years. But between the urge to teach her to chase her dreams, and my brother nagging me to come back in, Im more motivated than ever. Which is probably why youll hear me mention her alot.

B-My environment. I like to create in a prepped environment. Dabs ready, beats bumpin, no interruptions. Just my brother and I making history.

Who are your top 5 influences?

I-Thats an unfair

number in my opinion, because I pull influence from everywhere from folk metal to british grime rap. But to keep it in the realm of hip-hop Id say Kendrick is definitely on the list. Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Kevin Gates, and Wayne, which is where I picked up my mid flow giggles haha. But Luda caught my attention to the scene first. I remember the first three hip hop albums I bought were Ludacris Back for the Very First Time, the Mystikal album with Shake It Fast, and Beastie Boys Intergalactic jam. So my education on bars really come from everyone Ive ever heard, and I likewise transcend to new levels with every artist I work with.

B-Oh mannn. Despite growing up as a “goth/emo metal head”, as far as rap and hip-hop is concerned I would say my top 5 influences include 2Pac (R.I.P.), Jay-Z, Wayne, T.I., and last but not least Eminem. He brought to life for me the possibility of a white man in the rap game. These were all artists from my generation’s era that are my general foundation, and those names from then can continue on forever. 50 Cent, Ludacris, Three6Mafia, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Do or Die, Bone Thugs N Harmony…I mean it’s never ending dude. As far as how I’m trying to get into the game NOW…I draw my inspiration from artists like Kendrick, Migos, J. Cole, Rae Sremmurd, and Drake.

When are your new projects coming out?

I- Funny you should ask. I just released a new single called “Draco Trip” on 8-15-2018 on Spotify. There are also new singles by F.B.M. in the mix. As far as the first album or mixtape?? We’ll see. Just know that a huge project is in the assembly line, and you should be super excited. I know I am.

B-I recently released my single “High End” through Blak’d Out Records and Sm2 Management on Spotify & SoundCloud. My brother Inztinct and I have 2 songs released through them also, “Megalomaniac Hustla” & “Sorry Not Sorry”, which are also on Spotify & SoundCloud. We have much more in the works though man. You can’t stop this process. The movement is inevitable. People are going to hear what we have to say. As far as any new projects that are coming up, I’m currently putting together a solo ep and a group ep with my brother. We go by F.B.M. (Fat Boi Movement). Don’t get caught sleepin.

What helped you get into music?

I-I found music on my own really. Growing up the way I did, playing outside wasnt really an option as much, so i was inside glued to the hallway watching MTV while my pops was doing his thing. So alot of my root music, i.e. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, things like that come from my dad. I was a metal head 100% until around highschool. Up until then I was in metal bands. My parents were actually both super supportive of my growth as a musician(although Pops isnt AS excited about the rappin lol). My mom bought me my first Fender. But then I got linked up with Backwudz, and shit slowly evolved. The first rap I ever wrote was actually making fun of him for rapping. Apparently it was good enough to become something. Him and Chopp tought me the foundations and I worked on it on my own and grew with other artists for a while, but then I faded out. The universe stepped in and brought me and my boy back together though, and add in the faith that our management is pouring into us, and here I am, back and ready to eat!

B-This answer goes out not to WHAT helped me get into music but WHO. Shoutout to my other lil big brother Cory Wade Lackey A.ka Choppa C the mutha fuckin Don. Low Life Records. R.I.P. 11-28-09. Long live the fat mac legend way before his time. I was a lost lil 15 year old, weed slangin jit. We linked up through a mutual friend, and I started moving work at around16 or 17. Found out he rapped, and I had a little knowledge of editing on Audacity (LOFL), along with a small rap and street vocabulary. I was book smart, that was it. He showed me the ropes, and started me out on rhyming exercises and mouth exercises. I’ve done nothing but progress from there. He was far more superior than me lyrically. No tellin where we would’ve been by now.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

I-Never change who you are to achieve what you want. Be willing to grow, but always be you. Dont pretend to only be one thing like I did for a while, because you are destined for so much more. That and always keep an “It is what it is” mentality. Less heartache that way

B-Never give up on your hopes, your dreams, yours ambitions, or your goals. Change for no one. Live your best life. Don’t be close minded. Seek higher enlightenment. Educate yourselves. Don’t be sheep led to the slaughter.

What are your biggest goals for 2018?

I-To be heard man. Obviously I want to be able to pay bills, but to be honest, alot of the money and fame is pointless to me. But if one persons day could be affected by my music every day. Ive made it, ya know? The Fat Boi Movement is serious.

B-When it comes to 2018 I’m trying to put together the best ep I can give you to explain what I’m about and what you can expect more of in the future. Get some eps out, a mixtape, get some performances together, donate, make appearances, make a name for myself, and give you that gas. If 2018 doesn’t become our discovery, you can bet that 2019 we won’t go unnoticed. Bet that up.

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