Exclusive Interview 


Bio: I’m Rel from Baltimore, Maryland music producer. I been making beats for 17 yrs, my style is very versatile which I do contemporary music and hip hop. I do mixing, networking mastering , and promoting which I just want to be heard from fans.


What inspires me the most when I create? God, my family, my girl, my music and my brother Damon who pushed me to do music.


Who are my top 5 influences?  Future, Kevin Gates, Nas, Jay-Z, and Biggie


When my projects coming out? I’m in the studio right now working on my music, I’m working with a local Baltimore rapper so by November be on the lookout.


What got me into music?I’ve been listening to music since I was a child, my father used to Dj at parties back in the day


Anything to tell my fans? Keep your head up, follow your dreams and don’t never give up on your success and thank my fans for supporting me.


My biggest goals? My biggest goals of 2018 is to be on top of the music billboard and just keep producing music for artist.

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